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Carries On Spirits (Not On Label 2009)

From the keyboardist mastery works of Dream Theatre famous name – this is your next level to the entrance to Jordan Charles Ruddess world of highly magnificent tunes of harmony and melodic by techniques as well as the artistic interests on Classical piano, Progressive Pop and some bluesy bash performance there within the releasing of his self-releasing record entitled – Notes On A Dream.

Great intro over Through Her Eyes as quite softly and shy to the next relaxing full of harmonic tension on Lifting Shadows Off A Dream as his fingers playing like god doing the creations for tones while Perpetuum Mobile or The Silent Man keeping up the rest of lullabying musical options for those whom trying to moved away from any pretension off Jordan Ruddess’ old group and side-projects onto these triumphant slow tunes ensemble composed alone as the all-instrumentals by himself. Such a home studio/synthogy recording that fits only for those die-hard fans of the man and the more Classical sounds nominations.

Notes On A Dream: