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Cardiff Socio (Roadrunner 2006)

Decided to have his own good time outside his infamous serial killer metallic extreme band – Slipknot; Corey Taylor and his co. also successfully nominated for three music awards for the best Hard Rock band along within Taylor are Christian Martucci, James Root, Josh Rand, Roy Mayorga or Joel Ekman; as the band didn’t hiding behind any masks or make-up to bash their head-banging prosthetic groovy and louder sounds as Stone Sour releasing the second album – Come What (ever) May.
Awesome riff-ages and powerful materials put it there on the records as the personal interests or the calling adventures as thus man in black on the cover looking through the binoculars and observing how many more people going to love how Stone Sour simplifies the horror and terror themes onto this heroic superb hero Alternative Nu-Metal or Heavy Metal by general and the main attractions can be find as the parental signs added the rare existence of the book performing Hell & Consequences, Reborn, Zzyzx Rd. Through Glass, Sillyworld or Socio or 30/30-150 seems to be anti to be blended within thus hypocrite preachers thinking about 1st Person gone missing and clean vocals and the endless night or a bomb dropped.

Come What(ever) May: