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Carcinogenic (Steel Capped 2004)

Pile-driver drummer Danny B banging the sets - backing the gritty faster sounds for the band as guitarist Kevin Kontagious and female bass player Pamela Long; as the lead vocalist Chris Gaddy howling hard for Teenage Knockups on the debut and the only recording ever made by the band – Keep Hollywood Out Of Winnipeg must be a slogan that must be re-appreciated by many for not being sell-out or sucked. Sixteen songs and Hardcore-Punk Rock blasts or the drunken saxophone plays out-numbered the silly old jokes about why you should or need to play and come out rather than thinking about the good reasons for a movement in the street. Petro-Terrorism, Delectable Deception, Destroy The World, Go Back to L.A, Starts with F and Ends with U or Suicide Party seems to smack lots of faces covering themselves within the dirt of a brand new modern latest fashioned products and getting fat.

Fuck !