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Cantina Drop (Self-Released 2018)

   Forging of alliance for thus low-end fanatics and DJ whom liking the Lo-Fi projecting as being produced the amalgamation through Broken-Beats, Down-Tempo Jazz as well as chemical beats for House/Techno/Electronica and dance-floor demands – one cn calling it “Gloom-tronic” as Jonny Mac met Mike and Nick Rufulo in New York to Derry, Ireland – Sean in France and catching attention to interests via the female guest vocals for Ella Joy to completing the stylish commotions for the musical project online. Madness In The Method finally, makes it’s way to be served as a recording since Warriors Of The Dystotheque forming themselves.
The powerful antique microphones as rare as the waving tide of magic tunes modernity brought these Pysche Trip-Hop products to the mainstream surface and you. Most of the tracks there are relaxing, reflecting and enjoyable to listen as for the examples of them all: It’s Hot Down here, Just Breathe, Return to Coney, Atom Vibe, Thou Shalt Not Follow, Monsters at The Gate (Weirdos), The Future is Ours, Hastags and We’re Taking Control must be the commanding songs for your feet to move and your brain to be released on the weekend.

Madness In The Method: