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Came That From (J.A.E 1999)

Yes, Hugh Evan Fadal might seeing himself as a thousand miles high whilst leaving or entering Texas atmosphere where Bluesy Rock inspiring by the written lyrics and adventurous experience frequently, based to nature and admiration of the surroundings as your Southwest Texas graduates as acquires the winning prize for battle of bands with his own project group known since then as The Hugh Fadal Band.
The combination over energetic rhythms and dynamic works polishing the pillars of sounds equally unforgettable as shows performance through-out either Texas to Colorado as for some might reconsiders him as the native melodies of American artifacts to collect within the releasing of Hourglass. 
Authentic slow-rock classics for Doors (Live), Montana, Words To The Wise and Hill Country Hippie; perfects to those driving to somewhere, letting the windows open and inviting the breeze winds to guide their way in the finding of something wiser …