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Burns Casanova (Bandcamp 2017)

   May sounded like there’s a compound left in the camping ground somewhere on Boulder, Colorado for the fans of and the bastard-sons from Nick Cave to gathering around and making Gothic-Folk music songs celebrating their ironic and tragedy stories of the both longer or shorts from the past years or decades as being booked onto the form of a band musicians serving their depressive Pop-Alternative and Country-Rock of Americana curiosity through Gasoline Lollipops that consisted of Clay Rose (acoustic guitar, vocals), Don Ambory (telecaster), “Bad Brad” Morse (upright bass/electric bass), Adam Perry (drums) and Alexandra Schwan (back-up vocals) with special guest Scott Coulter on keyboards; finding their private Soul Mine - fully of silvery coals or coaly silver (as you wanted to choose) for the album title.
Ten various tempos and melodic local songs that regarding the essential roots of the old traditional sounds of mountaineers and swampy river inhabitants lovable standard and sarcastic lyrics happened to wrote down through the eccentric Mustangs, Child of God, Woman and A Gun, Montreal to Leaving Alone or Ghost of a Man – may threatening the listeners for the scary stories about entities or spirits that restlessly haunting the woods close by or the outdoors folklore telling about the mysteries of odd things not clearly being classified yet …

Soul Mine: