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Bleed A New Way (Hollywood Records 2012)

Produced by Mitchell Leib and Dave Jordan in the accompanying heroic inspirations from the Marvel  movie installments of its super-team led by Tony Stark as Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk (Dr. Bruce Banner), Nordic god of thunder – Thor and the elite troops of Shields commander Captain Fury. Nominated and generate the highest grossing film that year and favorable to simultaneously, watched by the global citizens following the story of their heroes fighting the imminent danger of invasion over the planet earth and crimes against humanity led by Thor's wicked step-brother Loki and his mass army of alien hordes.

This V.A Music From and Inspired By The Motion Picture Avengers Assemble soundtrack; collectively – completed rocking from Live to Rise (Soundgarden), Dirt and Roses (Rise Against), Black Veil Brides’s Unbroken, Scott Weiland to Redlight King or PusherJones and Five Finger Death Punch rising their flag of opportunistic offers and slamming back to their enemies’ face the punchy justice and Modern Rock choices. Any fans of Nu-Metal, Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore or Grunge and Hard Rock are welcome to joining the fight via this (and continues for more installments).