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Betwixt Kitsune (Lacerated Enemy 2016)

   From Darren Joy the bass player, Levi Dale on guitars/piano, Drew Griffiths the lead vocals and Brandon Iacovella (guitars) off this Perth, Western Australia’s Technical Death Metal band – The Ritual Aura brought their basic unsigned sounds inspiring by the themes chosen by the metal-maniacs for myths, horror, science-fictions or lore at their latest recording release on the album called Taether that also mostly, focused on Japanese Folk-Horror concepts right as the double pedals and riff-age guitars bashing in beats of the extreme session via I Am No Longer I?, Until Absence Confides Eternal, Hitodama/Like Fiery Lanterns; Mononoke in four parts from number eight to eleven progressively roaming onto Kage No Yamai/Shadow-Sickness and Yurei No Umi/A Sea of Ghost just like those bad karma endings upon scary movies produced by any brilliant directors from the land of rising sun and the doomed curses dark there.

A groundbreaking follows the sense of this extreme band to do more damage – started from your stereo.