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Better Erectum (Self-Released 2015)

   Digi-Hardcore and fast-break Speed-Core Techstep Electro music as many more conveying by convoy through the blended mixtures made in form of Devoner project – as either the led main decision music maker remains his own identity stays covered not showing but the spreading area for the notations of beats and crazy noises of weirdness meet the good compositions on demanded dance-able by the small audience over the outdoor’s attraction belongs to Redrecito Shit recording openly displays the rest of the mixing tunes and samples that some you might recognize from the era before the new millennium but mostly – cranked hard and blasting like an eruption of the non-comprehends latino/Classic Rn’B-Pop performance via Jungle is Tuki El Mine; Tas Batiend Chicha (Pacheko RMX) onto Cumbia Pa Rato and I Don’t Give A Fuck El Mio.

Seeing thus intestines displayed for the front cover of the record within the clever colors and shapes to making them looks a bit extra-terrestrial …

Redrecito Shit: