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Bear Claws (Room 6 Records 2016)

   Not too damn close to any of your favorite raw Garage-Rock from The Strokes but you might finding out that these infamous band coming from Westmeath, Ireland must be talented on making their good Pop-Rock satisfaction products just like the founding members debuting the record release for the full-length album from The Academic within Tales From The Backseat. Indie Rock promises may becoming a proof for the number-one for the week since thus studio being produced the consisting Craig Fitzgerald, Dean Gavin and brothers Matt with Stephen Murtagh – singing the anthemic popular songs written by themselves as Pop independent strikes hard to make you, your sisters or even those cheerleaders on school instantly falling in love with them. Generally, a number one in Irish chart as favorable critical debut reception; this album filled up with fame and fortunes whilst the lyrics are romantically fits for teenagers and up or the music sounds beating soft like ice creamy flavored.
Go listening closer and make the volume higher enough for Permanent Vacation, Bear Claws, I Feel It Too, Fake ID, Northern Boy onto Why Can’t We Be Friends ? as classical tunes may kept a promising song led by the band’s great performance …

Tales From The Backseat: