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Barf Penny (Self-Released 2016)

Similar to the works of Sublime or slow-version on Reel Big Fish type sounds – the “cross-over in diversity-Rock” of Ska-Jazz-Reggae or War’s Latin-Funk or thus rocking metal outfits music being released by these group off Oneonta, New York pushing the boundaries on the accessible lines border between much genres and put the band’s direct highly self-composing addictive rhythms and good tunes as well the background vocals to the perfect melodies  as ruthless as the talented men: vocalist/guitarist Joe Kaplan, Mo Sadique (guitars), Frank Cicciarello the bass player to Mike Sanberg behind the drum-sets formed as Gallons Of Pork and writing their own music in standard fast and low groovy kinds of way over the recording It Might Be Beans.
Not sounding too weirdy as Primus but kept their intensity sparks like an odd advice to the farming area to develops as modern tunes struts over Professor Pork, Mung Machine, Weed Police, Double Bukket, iPut Your Fucking Blinker On!, Mo’Noise onto IDon’tHaveTimeForGhosts.jpeg terribly blasts the shit-normal out of the blue and the silly willy freeing itself before getting chopped as well like the red meat in short pinky feet mammals – taste delicious.

It Might Be Beans: