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Barensnood Opstand (Heitelan 2009)

Willem Witte stands himself as a powerful force that comes only by the stand for the world war II kinds of basic background felt over the native country of his – The Netherlands as once a battle between several countries stronger to divided it onto some smaller territory as this solo-project of Military-Brass/Symphonic speeding Heavy Metal to semi-Industrial named Strydwolf has given the debut recording release as the mixture enthusiastic of fifteen tracks related to the times during the late WWI to the hotter zone times over WWII.

The Neo-Folk metallic and Classic Rock instrumentals off Laakwartier; being scanned itself as one of those historian tales about the events or the hidden agenda stories that needs to be told to the next generations – who loves Folk-Rock and Traditional Music sounds blending like Weltstorm album did. Dienstbaarheyd, We Are The Red Army, Wilhelmus, De Watergeus Vaart or Aan Alle Fronten to Drie Kamaraden as well as Magna Frisia might either win to conquer or lost and doomed behind the western front …