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Bang Dem Credit (Epic 2015)

   Started as an independent musician, singer, song-writer, producer and occasional rapper (and) a Nantucket, Massachusetts’ born as talented new artists; Meghan Elizabeth Trainor would be most people’s favorite new career pursuing female singer in US these days because through her debut recording release – Title rose her fame higher as it went surprisingly, over a million copies and debuted at first place on Billboard 200. Most Pop-lovers would not wanted to miss the craze for hits singles like All About The Bass, Dear Future Husband or Close your Eyes and 3AM to Like I’m Gonna Lose You to Lips are Movin’. 
   As the music feels tickling by their grooves and melody whilst the blond haired and chubby sensual singer dancing crazy fun with her extra-ordinary taste for Classic Pop, Indie-Soul and Bluesy Pop Rock N’ Roll tones; hopefully that Meghan would lasted longer and hairspray-ing your world with colors and matched her looks like her fur-coat. 

For the fans of any oldies and Classical Pop girls group or solos acts that jazz.