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Austin Slams (Father/Daughter 2017)

   Imaginary Enemies might as willingly, told everyone that the good disaster mingled music must not be Punk-Pop emotions because this type of confronting music for Alternative choices in Rock modern might providing us with tons of jangling tunes and harmonic melodies to catch and consumed with a smile. The fronting female products with the performance well deserved by either the musicians there like Alex Knudsen or Piyal Basu might reminding you about The Muffs and more melodic pop and punk-rockist may sparkling surrounds within the playing sounds from Hiccup off New York. As artwork presented by Kiyoshi Nakazama and layout by Diana Kolsky; the songs recording inside like Teasin’, Tide, Whoa Baby, Dad Jokes onto Lady MacBeth & Miss Havisham or I Don’t Care About You really mix-matching the same youth questioning themselves and the neighborhood around them which walks with the rest of the global world turning things which is used to be greater goods into a rubbish waste. Stop the warming  and start to be kind and spread the Pop-Punk warning !

Imaginary Enemies: