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Attic Hanger (Tim/Kerr Records 1997)

   Not closely, mentioned to be just needing the metallic sounds to make your original music looks enormously eerie and dragging influential of Brian Jonestown Massacre or thus whole and entirely, Space-Rock/Shoegaze and Trance of Alternative sounds blending within the self-written music of Swoon 23 from Portland, Oregon. There’s Michael Keating, Megan Pickerel, marty Smith and Jeff Studebaker recorded their Psychedelic distorts in low-spirited fear-to-the-bones melodic harmonies on both female voice, managing simple traditional Alt-Rock sounds and the ethereal Indie Rock as well as Shoegaze splinters on their second albums – The Legendary Ether Pony.

From Cellophane, Love Song 1000, Just Like TV, Shady Hands, Sell The Things I Love onto Atom Smasher and Lunatic – worth for our interests on curiosity to watch them grow by performance. Lesser known but talented and … spooky.

The Legendary Ether Pony: