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Assassins Sulphur (Not On Label 2014)

   From the cosmos they’re born or arrived as the musical privilege tells us an infamous Psychedelic fuzz on phase-shifts and octaves as these Dublin, Ireland crew named Wild Rocket developing the combinations of Kraut-Space Punk and gritty riffs unbearable to avoid within thus melodic via Geomagnetic Hallucinations in Doom Rock sensibility creates this such of scientific sounds too good to be true playing on your stereo system. Six tracks and lots of curving cranks or Eastern-tinged of oriental basic background stands the last building of spiritual faith on a floating giant rock where Interplanetary Vibrations, Blowholes, Don’t Ask When and Layers which comes in the in-between of four minutes more onto eight and up.

Recorded by Tommy O’Sullivan and written lyrics/music by Wild Rocket – Bres (rhythm pulses), Jon K (psychoacoustic timbre), Moose (sub octaves and communication) and Niallo (phase changes).

Geomagnetic Hallucinations: