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Artichokes (Sargent House 2009)

   Congratulations for the one whom reaches good pointy views about the real commonly experiences through Indie Rock and Pop tinged musical brought there by some bands that you never heard before and ever. One of them should be Maps & Atlases whom by far terrific on their releasing of the E.P entitled You and Me and The Mountain might catch your hearing with the performance on the combinations talents from Dave Davison (guitars, vocals), Erin Elders (guitar), Shiraz Dada (bass guitar) and Chris Hainey (drums) wrote down their stories through-out the entire days of their expressive year perhaps, as being Chicago, IL’s Indie Math-Rock poppers; talking about specific maps, animals, ranches, urban and rural areas as well as anonymous figure and shapes to grow like their music exploits.
Listening for Witch, Daily News or Ted Zancha and try not to sing along with them, if you remembered. Sandy Gordon is a guest player on vibraphones but nothing should be collectible important for the inventory.