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Amenti Halls (Via-Nocturna 2017)

   Erie, PA might witnessing the reborn of a new metallic figure on a last infant from a virgin mother before the whore serpent took her life but fate savings the baby as he then grows up to be Thot Atlantean doing his own solo-project of multi-instruments recording for The Triumph Of Man under the unholy baptism name: Sanctum Atlantis. Raw Black Metal met Death Metal and delivers the wrath sounds of Eldermage, The Precision Mind of Thoth or Kin Ni Gan bursting the epic symphonies rather than just a brutal power of extreme metal music with a taste of adventures, dimensional surroundings, the destruction and the new beginning to the traditional tales from ancient worlds.

PS. For the lovers of shredding guitars, bashing drums, epic surroundings and more melodic offers via the battle of light against the dark force.

The Triumph Of Man: