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Amber Bugs (Blackest Ever Black 2014)

   Patrick Q-Wright to Mick Hobbs, Marie-Jeanne; Felix Fiedorowicz to Keisuke Matsui to Daniel Koskowitz as well as Claudia Schmid, Bill Gilonis and Antoine Gindt spreading their excessive Avant-Garde and Art-Rock within thus Electronic Jazz-Rock whilst the bad dreams occurred to the woman living next to your poor flat – screaming her endless nights for seeing the haunts of thus laughing skeleton over Dead Unique recorded by Officer!
   A singular course of caustic improviser subsequent bursts of plangent melodies, ingenious arranger to the caustic and courtly lyrics sounded playful enough with words and music written by Mick Hobbs. Amazing domain isn’t the outrageous Classic of English Art-Rock viewing through Go Back, Cows Hum in The Fields, Elephant Flowers, Nardis, Stewed Fruit, V.I.M onto The Pony Was Contented or Lilac and Orange may crowning an achievement from the few liking listeners as a masterpiece from these London’s priority on this British’s Melodic Folk group as you like it performing by them.

Dead Unique: