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Wings Open Your (Small Stone Records 2018)


   The Oviedo - Spain's trio of molten Fuzz Rock that really bluesy rawks to your thick head-skull alike the mainly dessert to those whom already getting drunk in forfeit mission needs glory so bad as epic music being powerful playing as your soundtrack into battle or riding nuts through the wilderness of the unknown by guitarist Kiki Sanchis, Javi Gonzalez on drums/percussion and backing vocals or Juan Arias Garcia the bass guitar rhythmic hero as the three-piece band naming themselves mystically as Green Desert Water seemed to describing the fully melodies and head-banging version off The Grateful Dead crew in a newer flesh existence here releasing their shiny nature of delights garden like eden on the planet hidden place via Solar Plexus. Sinking their teeth deeper to your stereo system as the punchy riffs and great more of tons delivering performance and crispy vocals given the true meaning of preserving themes not greed within the path that's already build there by the singing humid temperature like tequilla drinking into Chaman, The Deepest Sea, Souls of The Woodland and Mother Moon - carries your dreamy Stoner Rock plus Psychedelic Hard Rock the world desperately needed this modern age to measuring the survival of what's left for your grandchildren as natural planet and Rock n' Roll messages from the subterranean !

Solar Plexus: