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Albert Rhymestein (Interskranz 2012)

Country-Pop acoustic annual recording by Michael Eliassen or Greg Hughes within the helping guest vocals by Cindy Blackburn, bass and drums performed by Zach Anderson and electric guitars/bass guitar played by Steve Marino whilst these Orlando, Florida’s group project – Among Giants relevantly, giving their shaped on Power-Pop with D.I.Y Punk-Folk Rock and Emo(tional) Indie sounds that being out-looking in simplicity mixture off the electric and acoustic musical instruments available rather jangling and surprisingly, encouraging not like thus boring biology test about human nerve system or 3D geometric drawing of difficult methods but the tracklists on Truth Hurts album may really sounded amusing - A Letter, Get Your Shit Straight, The Pond, Late Nights as well as There is a Ghost onto Pack Rat and What’s The Point? In the case of trying to tells the audiences about the real honest truth as the evening reach the limited time of the day.

Tomorrow shall be yours or the next days will. 

Truth Hurts: