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Ain’t Wrong Done Fools (MCA Records 1991)

   Young and beautiful and attractive at the time this American Country singer from Monticello, Georgia leading her own paths through the essential Pop-Country and Soft-Rock sounds in the making of the first debut album for Patricia Lynn Yearwood or then, will always be known as Trisha Yearwood flavored as usual interactions over the daily story and lyrics closer to most of the issues and problems that occurred in between the community of where she lives as well as the average middle class of American family across the nation wide.
   Upon her beautiful voice and good vocals performance plus the looks like innocent rural cowgirl doesn’t covering her intelligence on keeping up the career in musical and faith beliefs in common ways together as thus blessings familiarly, comes on her brighter harmonies and melody on the tracks soon becoming one of the all-time favorites for many Country radio stations as the self-titled album of Trisha Yearwood opening the chance for sweet and wiser songs like She’s in Love with The Boy, Like We Never Had A Broken Heart, Victim of The Game or The Woman Before Me as faster louder as That’s What I Like About You cherished the formula for any Country fans listeners on not giving up easily but find the solutions via dance and grab your partners before the figure-out answers pops by itself later.