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Academic Perpetual (Not On Label 2013)

   The evolving through explorations that capturing the true nature of reality of Progressive Rock to Djent-Metal as their own weapon of mass destructions; created by the two heads of your talented rockers/musicians Casprin Haruna and David Furrevig as attached and influenced by many forms and bands before them – build this monument of sounds as Being as creates the infinite solid group hailing from Orlando, Florida to the current location on Washington, D.C.
   Written their lyrics and tracks based on logic, reasons and science with the likes for Chimp Spanner, Vestascension, X Japan, Pain of Salvation and Gackt; releasing these mixture of high techniques Progressive Rock and clean prolong of Heavy Metal bites harder through Anthropocene as the blown-up songs like DNA, Mindflay (Josh Clark, Brian Wade – Vestascension), Story For A Muse, Sorrow (Andy Gruhin), Air Atlantic (Spencer Sotelo – Periphery) and The Singularity Cosmist II (Kento Watanabe) brought us the electron-magnetic force dragging audience to circling the orbits of central star gravitation about to launch the brightest explosion in the making of new constellation by the spot. 

“We are a way for a cosmos to know itself” – Carl Sagan.