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Abuse Control (Norma Evangelium Diaboli 2006)

   With the fanatic of Blackest traditional binged metallic of your favorite dark music head-banging tempos – these Maisons-Laffitte crew of Antaeus is your Frenchy fucker metal-heads blasting their blackest rituals of music that deafening the ordinaries; giving the local priests real damn heart-attacks and terrible nightmares to the rest of the countryside.
   With MkM the vocalist, Set and Servus the guitarists; Zvn behind the drum-set and LSK the bassist whom then, suicide herself really portraying about how scary and dangerous this band totally offered especially with the releasing of sinful sign around Blood Libels. 
The forty-three minutes plus two seconds long by length of durations with many themes fits the dungeon torturing underground and secret’s ritual in black magic for Cyklik Torture, Rot, Colliding in Ashes and Words as Weapons because Gates to The Outside would be Here is Punishment – stated by the group to you.

Blood Libels: