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A New End (Loud Rage Music 2017)

   Head-your banging spirits of evil guardian in radiant for the true metallic faith ensemble troops sound of foursome: Alin Petrut (vocals, guitars), Lazar George (vocals), Vlad Golgotiu (drums) and Taly (bass guitar) originated from Lupeni, Romania – these aggressive Doom/Gothic/Death Metal with their self-written lyrics on regrets, anguish, lost of beliefs and deeper desires on lust, killings and darker bashing riffs to those melodic solos and growler lead vocals just like Death Metal-ers version of Peter Steele and co. as simply – Gothic (the band’s name).

The third recording called Demons saying all … 

The female horned figure, the musical and the track titles such as Catacombs, Disillusion, Shadow Man to Destroying The Masses are the angst of how symphonic meets deader sounds available will sets your speakers on fire adrift hell.