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67 (Bloodcurdling Enterprise 2017)

   Brutal Slamming Death Metal gore club out of Japan’s Kanagawa leading roles of these two actual metallic heads local by the name of Rin (vocals, bass guitar) and Jun on guitars as well performing the entire slab-gutting endorsement of destructive sounds made to the underground scene and cannibal crew consumption truly, came into reality as the band releasing their debut via Keichitsu – the regular classic Death Metal recording with growler like creature from the dark abyss vocals to the torturing music live of real extremity blasts happened to conquering and blown out your world through the stereo.
   Digital bashing messages of guttural sounds on those short-titles like 39, 58, 74, 49 as well as 80 and others aren’t your grandma’s bingo game moments.
These are the grinding performance while grinding people’s flesh on the meat grinder or your monstrous - Tentacle Centipede attacking lame victims of fate called frustration being cured.