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30 Must Die (Lakeshore 2017)

   How crazy this world of modern logic and advance technology can be really caught perfectly in the survival horror film directed  by Greg McLean and James Gunn as the writer; feast on your worst non-calculated nightmarish event happens in ordinary work-day like this one as The Belko Experiment showing how horrible the accidental obeying commands might saving your life from being terminated by your own colleagues at the office. Panic strikes soon after there are steel shutters closing the windows and doors, most of the local employees drove-out by the guards outside the gate in that remote jungle around Bogota, Colombia.
   As every single workers in Belko Industries already got chips implanted to their skulls in order to trace them down if one got kidnapped but that that the intercom voice tells everyone inside to stay calm before instructing them to kill several numbers of people with time limits if those wanted to surviving this test. 
   Sick and chaos started since the first killing struck the crowds as the audiences will seeing the terror effects and the horrific scenes about ordinary people turning a blood-thirsty killers in order to saving their own lives and for the recaptured frames and scenes background music composed and compiles by Tyler Bates – truly touches the direction for the movie to spreading fear and loneliness among thus blood-bath panorama of Belko Industries in Bogota. 
   The Building is Sealed, Strange Situation, Head Tag as well as Rooftop Anarchy came creepy a scary as you didn’t wanted to happen but did or thus classical songs like the opening cover version of Spanish lyrics for Yo Vivire (I Will Survive) by Jose Prieto, California Dreamin’ (Latin Version) by Gabriel Teran or Molotov Cocktails as the chronicles almost ended leaving only a few soul saved – before they’re killing each last others as the voice listed more and more numbers of people to be killed by orders; Marty got killed by Wendell, Leandra didn’t make it because of her wounds, Barry kills Vince and Dany while later on Mike Milch the main character on this film finally surviving himself alone only to finding out that the end of stage one project goes on commencing to stage two as the camera shows another group panicking as seems these tests will never stops.