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1971 (Not On Label 2013)

Portland- Oregon, USA’s terror squad in their extended play releasing record entitled – Abomination Underground within the performance of these five-piece members of your ultimate Death Metal and Thrash unit completed of Brian Chainey, Chris Carey, Eric Dorsett, Jason Frost and Skinee – blasting hard the extreme fast and old-school classic sounds brought here for the dark dungeoun themed where some ghouls kidnapping a virgin girl to consume.

As lights supposed to blocked and never shining bright there as the doomsday story lyrics sprouts thus horror and frightened tales around Shadows of War and Carnage; one might forgetting to save the female while head-banging like nuts following the slicing solos or the grinding drum-sets to extremity of the beats brought by Heavy Metal pollution to the next new millennium by Dead Conspiracy …

Abomination Underground EP: