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19:16 Dawning (Battleground Records 2015)

   The Doom Metal music of these Sacramento, California gang-bands of basic cult community might showing as they’re speak for themselves and the quintet crossing the striking manners, fundamental music elements of metallic, campy gimmick growls and uphold terror in Progressive loyalty for Heavy Metal related genre comes as minimalist/straight-forward/dynamic and spell-binding within the raw-power facilitating inspired of more scene of extremities such as Psyche-Rock, Ambient, Drone and of course, Traditional Doom as indulgent as one might needed to hear through - Chrch (the band) wanted to record. Completed by Chris Lemos (guitars/backing vocals), Ben (bass), Shann (guitars), Matt Silver (drums) and Eva (vocals) plumbing the seminal adventure of crashing sounds meet the softer amplified echoes of dimension-gate crossing as Doom Metal taking over the bridging gap; Unanswered Hymns must be an ultimate recording consisting of three tracks with the enormous length durations to make the listeners fell asleep in daydreams but never completely, died (yet). From the blasting metallic drums and riff-ages to the sophomore rhythmic and mesmerizing thoughts to the haunting vocals of blond beauty - Ms. Eva clings via the thirteen minutes more of Offering as well as the second number on Stargazer – prolong the penetrations of an atomic nucleus searching for its former birth-place with a rocket journey on invisible capsule surrounded by anti-gravity environment but on the other dimension; another story begins.

A female manage to go ashore as her leading role for the next chapter of story may be blurred but surprising to follow …

Unanswered Hymns: