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09:12 Abyss (Self-Released 2015)

The first re-ensemble of the corroded journey into the stars of constellations as about the Cosmic/Atmospheric Black Metal progressions in the making which carried as well – the harmonic haunting measurements of Ambient and epic failure on Dark Folk metallic formats from the vocals to other musical instruments performing by this Black Metal solo project of Mesarthim’s Isolate as the space-shuttled extreme Heavy Metal products thanking the most: covering arts and ideas from NASA, ESA and The Hubble Heritage Team serving those semi-raw and non-popular noises attached in between the keyboards, the melodic and the crushing double pedals to the listeners via the displaying captured picture of universally, pink-radish eagle clouds of the farther side of the cosmos’ edge where with the enormous effects and effort; leaning by Osteopenia, Declaration, Interstellar and Floating – may rescuing the essence of men’s space programs for not being a laid waste but like the slogan in public on doing “a greater good for humanity not just some protocols and fund-raisers”.

Get ready to push the button …