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03:23 (Self-Released 2016)

Symbolic signs displayed clearly like the spelling chants of white witchcraft meets the mystic Middle-Eastern of oriental beliefs showing the reflections of both world – now and then; the crescent moon phase to the holy sun god colliding as the permanent finish has already happening while the year changes and for this the London – UK duet - Bamboo of Rachel Horwood and Nick Carisle once to collaborates and releasing the Hexagonal / Diamond Springs Digital Single by the beginning of two-thousand sixteen as Rachel performing vocals/banjo and drums while Nick did the backing vocals, pro-one, fairlight app, m-tron onto keyboards or programming to make the singled recording continues the steps of their intensive trap-beats: weird but never failed to testing the liberating happiness people on listening to their works like this one.
Alternative mystic Pop-Synth and Electronic rhythms may prolonging the march of thus independent exchanged on futuristic thoughts between male and female in co-op.