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02:44 (Mortal Rite 2014)

Moon crescent came up high in ringing bells and the clock struck to ten sharing the evil-ways terrible torturing sounds in devil music as the satanic guitar blasts hard in sinful tones to deafening your ears through the amplifiers and Diabolical Night alerting those whom loved to head-banging in praise of Satan for listening the Evil Night mini recording as these North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) troop of Thrash/Black/Heavy Metal making the speeding off limits on their basic occultism rituals of Satanism lyrics and metallic music phase as an actual player of multi-instruments providing by Heavy Steeler alone on the present days guitars, bass and vocals. Meet the destruction demonic on Possession as well as the intro on both side formats recorded by the solo-project band.

Hail the dark lord, hail him !

Evil Night: