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Deaf The Temple (Indiciplinarian 2017)

   And the quartet of hard-shell communion upon the Melodic Black Metal scene with Theis (guitars, vocals), Simon guitars, vocals), Adam (drums) and Troels (bass) quite did their epic rituals of music performance as candles gathered and burnt with incense of summoning deaths, cheating on the non-religious parts as promoting the real meaning of their band as Orm which is serpent; the horrific band logo or the kinds of Copenhagen – Denmark trademark threat to the worldwide metallic music comes the releasing for this self-titled.
   Long boneless and flesh-eating of Scandinavian beast portraying the destruction of human last stand city or castle by the cursing fire from the sky or the attacks of the fierce creatures bringer of death over thus Progressive Metal tasks blended to Dark Extreme Metal sounds for the longer duration and painful torturing session format among Apotheosis for ten minutes and four seconds or Ancient Echoes (06:55) to Blood Of Your Blood lasted for seven minutes, eighteen seconds with the bonus track by almost eight minutes and twenty-two seconds top. 

Devastating in fast killer to the slower animosity pleasing bang the heads of the coward mortals to obey the gods …


67 (Bloodcurdling Enterprise 2017)

   Brutal Slamming Death Metal gore club out of Japan’s Kanagawa leading roles of these two actual metallic heads local by the name of Rin (vocals, bass guitar) and Jun on guitars as well performing the entire slab-gutting endorsement of destructive sounds made to the underground scene and cannibal crew consumption truly, came into reality as the band releasing their debut via Keichitsu – the regular classic Death Metal recording with growler like creature from the dark abyss vocals to the torturing music live of real extremity blasts happened to conquering and blown out your world through the stereo.
   Digital bashing messages of guttural sounds on those short-titles like 39, 58, 74, 49 as well as 80 and others aren’t your grandma’s bingo game moments.
These are the grinding performance while grinding people’s flesh on the meat grinder or your monstrous - Tentacle Centipede attacking lame victims of fate called frustration being cured.


Red Nails Barbra (Sudden Death 2005)

Rockabilly, Rock n’ Roll and everything deliberately, awesome for stinky prom night dancing moment while cranking upon your stereo system would be the excellent Modernettes of Art Bergmann, Buck Cherry, Ian Noble, Mary-Jo Kopechne and Randy Castillo – the Power Pop and New Wave crew band from Vancouver, Canada as being formed since the late eighty-ones but didn’t really make it a long good career as if their music really sells-out pretty right. If you wanted to have  a pleasure listening about how catchy was the Pop-Power did recognizable to the Pop culture scene and established as a genre since Punk Rock hated the kinds of “sell-out” groups – only to be seen the giving birth of the bands such as Modernettes etc.

Great melodies, great choruses and great vibes completed even if your lead vocals didn’t quite mend it but through this compilation of the best or rare tracks from the band; Get IT Straight curing your misery for that eighties/nineties sounds of Alternative Jangle-Rock as well through Celebrity Breakup, Suicide Club, Surf City Strangeler, Won’t Have To Worry, I Can Only Give You Everything, New Society and Femme Fatale or more. 

Thumbs up to these Canadians !

Get It Straight:

The Pill (Self-Released 2012)

   Londoners UK’s the type of dimension when Joan Jett and The Blackhearts decided to leave their soil on the move to England and adding quite some British-Indie Punk Rock over their music would be like how the real story about the band of three girls being formed with the picking changed over the name Catfight to Gasoline Thrill as the beauty three: Martha Lewis (guitars), Samara Kain (vocals, guitars), Monica Nix (bass) and a drummer boy Dave Guy completing their outstanding productions for writing music, arranging Punk-Rock Pop angst of the seminal Riotgrrrrl spirits and high powered dynamic performance reflecting the “Helter Skelter” of Goth-glamour acts on tendencies standard tempos or harmonies over the adult Alternative Pop-Rock blistering over the album Burn and from the edgy songs like Leeches, Enemy, Walking On Steel, Let Me Down, So Be It and Burn The Flame added the rebel yells comforts carried by the female oriented show of rock that adding sexiness and beauty and scent of a woman to luring man into the trap.


Feigning Familiarity (Flenser Records 2016)

For the fanatic fans of old school methods in Industrial Music original as the brutal and the chaos aspects suits the deranged beats and screaming vocals that being inspired by the more extremities on Heavy Metal grudge mixed with the socio-communist party interpretations or thus labor workers society pressures led the project named Street Sects – plundering the stereo-phonics of he blending for Noise Rock, Hardcore-Punk and Industrial Metal as the duet craze-heads from Austin, Texas: Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth raising their love for more blackest Electronic and Death Metal interference through the only album so far being recorded on End Position.
Best raw and clever moves around the system failures or deafening moments louder ablaze being splattering everywhere of direction from the speakers of doomed music for the insane deranged community only via Featherweight Hate, In Defense of Resentment, Copper in The Slots; And I Grew Into Ribbons as well as If This is What Passes For Living related to the bad dreamt for being killed between the grim-reaper and a stranger next door - like a creation of a vortex sucking all meaningless means of the living and vomits them onto another extreme fully threats dimension unknown.

End Position:

Luminous Coat (Not On Label 2013)

Works every time but not familiar onto praising Lando Carlissian but more into the favorable and background interpretations on many Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Clutch to Weedeater and Kyuss as many legends inspired as well to them – the Pittsburgh’s Psychedelic Stoner Rock band calling themselves: Supervoid.

As being interesting as well onto animals, dirty cartoons to Neil Degrasse Tyson and rocketing the music and lyrics of their own journey to outer space within high-energy, crusher riffs, catchy beats, powerful bass-line and crisp-vocals with blasting drums performance from drummer Greg, bassist John, guitarist Joe and vocalist Brian; biting hard the critics and bad comments about them making music as the hundreds already attracted and starts following them on the releasing of Filaments and the symbolic signals explaining some parts of the tracks themselves. 

Like Arcane Groves to Ladders;  Rodeo Queens of Allegheny to The Bear; Braymerian: War Elephant or Wake of The Smoke Jumper telling the bluesy reports of tales traditionally or real urban legends as a magic virtue blasting the speakers but enlightening the blinds and the one whom cannot spoken. 

A miracle in Stoner Rock realizing !


Scream With (Self-Released 2014)

Four Glam-Rockers finally, can manage to recording and release their debut works as young, beautifully and ready to reaping your ears by the fabulous melodic rock tunes and good leading clean vocals, catchy music or Pop-tinged Hair-Metal comeback hours which brought by these Swedish crew of Gasoline Stars; Daniel Almqvist (vocals), Pontus Gustafsson (guitars), Timmy Kan (bass) and Rasmus Carlsson (drums) via the releasing of Good Looks, Bad Behaviour as the band members posing on the brick-alley spot not trying to make fun or being a joke at all.

One will finding that the music sounds exclusive and lively, giving back the positions that once used to held a crown by this genre of Sleaze-Metal/Rock scene on the mid eighties as the tracks cranking standard and straight out to struck the audience for L.O.V.E them. 

Exotic Thrill, Hit It Like You Mean It, You Should’ve Known Better, Weekend to Ain’t Life Grand are your proof. 

Swedish finest made the neat products still !

Good Looks, Bad Behaviour:

Time Long (Self-Released 2015)

   Dark the raven-crow struck by the greatest power that drives the gravity of the planet and fell as this is not the beginning of some kind of sci-fi story of any ghost rider tales but the sorrowful truth about the earth days after days under the greedy reign of man continues to be exploited.
   Auckland’s home-based Hunt The Witch whose Sam Whitey (vocals), Jason Clarke (bass), Bevan Carbines (guitar) and Jason Peters (drums) brought their Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal sounds as self-written tracks/lyrics cranking the divided atmosphere onto these five piece of works of rocking depressive tunes for the wise titled album portraying the nearly extinctions of men closer comes creeping as the decades changes and nobody seems to noticing it anymore. 
   Everyone’s busy with their own gaining for money and wealth forgetting or closed their ears to listening for Fire in The Sky, Bleed You Dry and Another Side … 

The apocalypse might be (only) miles or weeks away !

Into The Black:

Morkret Kryper Pa (Yellow Dogs 2004)

Not as devastating as let’s say – Arch Enemy’s Angela Gossow scary growlers but still the faster music and mosh-pit’s atmosphere of breaking bones and punching faces covered blood led by the five-piece rock-heads forcing their metallic-background but mainly serving Crust-Punk and D-Beat crushing enough to destroying your lame stupid party to waste even only played on the bad stereo system.
To What End ? from Stockholm – Sweden must be the newer scene of the underground Hardcore/Metal Punkers whose still collaborates to make disturbing songs and social issues over Concealed Below The Surface as the suspects for every riots explode within the G-8 community meeting everywhere. David Stark, Elenor Fallgren, Jocke Rydbjer, Martin Lindvall to Mikael Dahl came and burning your stage – shitting on your parents new world slavery values and bashing everyone who supporting the collapsed economy measurements of the poor fund as Conspiracy, Armed to The Teeth, No One Left to Praise, Versus, Final Victory, Stolen Grace and Critical Moment as the Hardcore-Punk will kept fighting and struggle as Confrontation never fades, Strickly Confidential.

Concealed Below The Surface:

Obscenity Five-Twenty (Fight For Your Mind 2006)

   Used to playing for various members from local bands like Lost Cause or End Me, Sickoids and more until these Northern Jersey group now located to Philly, PA can easily makes USA’s underground Hardcore Punk-Metal scene proud as fuck listening to what they’re writing and performs via the career for loud music.
Witch Hunt as four-piece comprising for Janine Enriquez (bass), Nicole Enriquez (guitar), Rob Fitzpatrick the drummer turning to guitarist with additional name like Vince Klopfenstein (drums) giving the audience their own themes sarcastically, speaking mainly about imperialism, sexual abuse, the regime states and destroyed environments. 
Just like this second recording release on Blood-Red States; the raw power blistering tension of heat and angst protests towards things that they’re believed in or anti just fierce and sharpening exploding as Blindfold, Shades of Grey, All Torn Up, Desperation all through Wall and War-Coma; blown out your outside world of wealthy and money to burn as the riches shall be tortured and dragged on the streets by the peasants – you’ll see !

Blood-Red States:

Grumble Quick One (Diwphalanx 2014)

Meet the foursome Japanese rockers whose seems to liking to be inspired by The Ramones or Generation X which consisting of Shuhei Shimizu, Ku Yan, Hiroshi Hell and Gan playing their relentless force of faster Garage Trash Punk Rock sounds in more melodic ways and English lyrics too.
Nobody should or judge but yes, the explaining about why even after the funny spoken-words the music keeps displaying the best background of J-Rock atmosphere a little bit as well as some British Indie-Pop tones as the latest album for Gasoline entitled – Too Late means good business for Japan itself as being known to be a good breeding nest for Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Metal not long since they’re invented as Japanese loves to assimilated the western sounds to their own idealistic traditional rock sounds just like the examples on this new one. 
Thirteen songs and more bashing pogo-dancing, grabbing/tearing the shirts or jackets in the middle of the mosh-pit really seriously fun, fun, fun as Young Savage, Liqueur and Dope, (Fuck’in) Never Ending Road, Billy’s Weekend, Purple Vomit and Azuma Blues – all sounded cool and smashing as the lasted on Drunk or Die not sniffing the devil girl's rocking-hot underpants …

Too Late:

Ceasefire Bread (Chrysalis/Big Star 1985)

   Andy Alston or Iain Harvie; Jon McLoughlin to Justin Currie, Kris Dollimore and some other more members that used to founded and forming this Scottish Rock Indie called The Groovey Tubes but always the last to be picked and then, known as Del Amitri since the eighty-three era and for that comprising point on themselves written, arranged and producing their first album of self-titled; right away.
Will you liking them quite instantly ? 
The answer would be – of course, you should and must be since that loving the music from Del Amitri. 
   The standard romance for Indie Rock and artworks which consisted parts of magic onto the a little bit messy conditions inside the interior place someone used to calling it home. 
Dark glasses isn’t the band’s real style but honesty might saving them from first to the last of their entire musical career as the tones seems to catching the essential rural and suburban parts atmosphere of small town Europe or Scotland and the lyrics sounded familiar for most of the audiences – talking about their own tales in life and the daily issues comes and go around us. 
   The rocking criticism and the wiser messages may correcting the mistakes as both Country and Folk-Pop inspirations follows the tracks of the recording such as Sticks and Stones Girl, Crows in The Wheatfield; Keepers, Former Owner and Hammering Heart onto Deceive Yourself – that shows the intentions of Del Amitri still closer to the Pop-Folk social but things would develop later as the band evolved.


Human Popstars (Murgatroid Independent Recording Company 1999)

   The ex-lead vocals from the first formation of The Cranberry Saw Us being kicked-out but never easily stop making music as Niall Quinn and his friends soon forming The Hitchers as another Limerick, Ireland’s good local band that brings the Alternative Rock and traditional sounds of Erin being attached altogether as spikey rock, ultimate rare scenario of terrace chant chorus and jingled jangled Pop intuitions by the softer distortions drove your sorrow as The Hitchers releasing their second best album entitled For The Want of Some Better TV over Europe continent – sending Indie Rock to its higher steps not becoming as used to complaint by the media as second class consumption.
Sing along and let the music squeezing the cloudy days to be happier again through the chosen tracks like It’s A Context Thing, Sure, Even At Your Bravest and I Can’t Breath In Outer Space as being old, lazy or easy to distract. 

The differences lies on the leftish lyrics adapted by the band from the inspiring figure like Billy Bragg adding the thoughts on social values flaw to Eoin O’Kelly (vocals), Brendan “Benny” McCormack (guitars) and the legacy of the past Cranberries-connection.

For The Want Of Some Better TV:

Burns Casanova (Bandcamp 2017)

   May sounded like there’s a compound left in the camping ground somewhere on Boulder, Colorado for the fans of and the bastard-sons from Nick Cave to gathering around and making Gothic-Folk music songs celebrating their ironic and tragedy stories of the both longer or shorts from the past years or decades as being booked onto the form of a band musicians serving their depressive Pop-Alternative and Country-Rock of Americana curiosity through Gasoline Lollipops that consisted of Clay Rose (acoustic guitar, vocals), Don Ambory (telecaster), “Bad Brad” Morse (upright bass/electric bass), Adam Perry (drums) and Alexandra Schwan (back-up vocals) with special guest Scott Coulter on keyboards; finding their private Soul Mine - fully of silvery coals or coaly silver (as you wanted to choose) for the album title.
Ten various tempos and melodic local songs that regarding the essential roots of the old traditional sounds of mountaineers and swampy river inhabitants lovable standard and sarcastic lyrics happened to wrote down through the eccentric Mustangs, Child of God, Woman and A Gun, Montreal to Leaving Alone or Ghost of a Man – may threatening the listeners for the scary stories about entities or spirits that restlessly haunting the woods close by or the outdoors folklore telling about the mysteries of odd things not clearly being classified yet …

Soul Mine:

Kid’s World (Good Life Recordings 2008)

Current line-up crew unit of these La Calamine, Belgium’s Hardcore/Technical metallic sounds of fury band – Nasty would be Matthi on vocals, Paddy on guitars and Nash behind the drum-sets as the leaning legacy by the old past-members like bass player - Berri and Chris as the demiurge patterns of brutality goes out bursting via the group’s second coming record-releases under the title of Aggression. Heat-turner as the shit hits the fan in daily problems felt by most of you and the rest of the fucked up world domination within the economy slavery and greed behavior leads the destruction comes sooner than the scientists can predict it’ll happens.
Rocking out the boredom and thus lame-ass theory as putting the issues on the ledges of extinction brink catastrophe made them messages warning onto aggressive sounds music like One Voice, Generation Fuck, As Blood Runs Cold or String N’ Cute maybe not elegantly, wiser but at least – brought your nightmares and fight the injustice decisions would be farther away from the one being called cowards and traitors to the terrible life of our grand-children next. 

No more sweet imaginations for the worst causes and the bad lures of lies.

Nasty's Aggression:

Gutter Of Pain (Medusa Records 1988)

The amazing independent and underground-based chromosome of the early Seattle sounds for a Cross-Over and Thrash Metal order of partying/anti-authority/angst youth and metallic inspired – SGM which carries their own distinctive rocking sounds like the one you might going to hear via the debut and the only releasing off them; a Washington’s rare legacy under the simple title that explaining all – Aggression. 
US troops of sarcastic artworks of chaos conditions domestically, with the five-piece compositions: bassist Captain Blackout, Pablo the drummer, guitarists duet of Kriss Quinn and Bitchard Louise and Mike Loser on vocals cranking out their hatred lyrics and twelve show-off tracks that will bashing up the big mess to your garage glue-sniffed gathering or alley-boozed day-dreaming or the time one of thus mad man on the loose getting inside your backseat car, raping your girlfriend and slashing your throat completely bloody just like the terror-squad messages over Power, Acid Rain, Fags of Denial, Mrs. Brown, Back in Circulation or Blow Job and She (the KISS cover) looks good for the cool album arts as well. 

Go cranking the volume loud, fuckers !


You Hate I (Xtreem Music 2009)

   Fucking brutally faster and non-conformist for any reasons doubt to be kind or religious – these Catalonian of Barcelona Thrasher crew members of Aggression: Sergio Soto on bass/backing vocals, Sergio Garcia the drummer, Oscar Reka (rhythm guitars) and Pol Luengo on lead vocals/lead guitar born to raising hell through their Technical Thrash Metal evolving crasher and collisions between angry freaking riffs and the dominant drumming basher quality as clean as the real pro-band’s recording already achieved by the group even for the Mustaine-type inspired debut album release on Moshpirit that carries the exact desecration of devastating music sounds blasting hard from the Thrasher-heads collecting them to their own collections of raw slicing solos and purging distorted tracks listed as Psycho-Crime, Never Surrender, Chaos Anatomy to Better You Run as closing by the bonus track of Few Seconds of Madness.

As the establishing terror being spread-out as the killer hell-monster coming down to consuming human souls; cleansing the planet from total blind lust or greed – soon to be out of business !


Dictation Nod (Brutal Music 2014)

Not an actual modern-day soundtrack for Sherlock and his complicated thrilling cases theory gone viral in Hip-Hop/Gangsta Rap music format but smartly true that – Stu Bangas (Stuart Hudgins) and Blacastan (Ira Osu) of Hartford, CT has given the taste of their quality methods of deranged beats in horror-based on creating this Watson & Holmes recording not just being mysterious but added some of Agatha Christie’s touches upon it; chilling the audience up by the mystic and eerie backgrounds.

May the lovers of Edgar Allen Poe also would love to have these inspired of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works of ideas along the seminal pure Hip-Hop meets Alternative Rap meets Scary-Gangsta for the flowing lyrics tunes like Disguise, Nubian Metal (feat. Vinnie Paz and Celph Titled), Sensationalism, Authentic (featuring Esoteric and Planetary), The Road (featuring Block McCloud) or Monopoly. 

Letting yourself pressing play button on this album would not be a mistake at all; the beats are heavily good for banging and the rest must be either making you overwhelmingly militant or just lying down having fun !

Watson & Holmes:

Indecisive (Independent 2005)

   First members off Limerick, Ireland’s famous Alternative Rock group besides U2 – The Cranberries’ Noel Hogan as the guitarist and a co song-writer born in Moyross; going out his fame shadows and trying to make another different tunes and beats as the ideas for collaborations with Mono band and Arkitekt on this first solo-project called Mono Band releasing a self-titled recording as thus Electronic-Indie Rock blending to Chamber-Pop Dance outfit in slow-motion tunes available altogether there by the inspired likes for the gathering consolidations with many excellent featured artists: Nicolas Leroux, Alexandra Hamnede, Angie Hart (Frente) and Marius De Vries as surprising much of the man’s fans for his previous semi-legendary band – here making a come-out variety of odd music but cool to listen.

Live musical and Electro-Pop meets onto Waves, Run Wild, Home, Brighter Sky to Miss P, Invitation or the hidden track of Coyotes & Helicopters. A good perspective out-look for the quiet guitarist on his own steps shares with the smaller world …

Mono Band:

G-Unit Hood (Aftermath/Shady 2005)

Dealing with drugs and doing drug dealings meaning something for nothing or in reverse but for the black kid who grown up in a messy situations since his last 12 years for the crack epidemic around South Jamaica, Queens born as Curtis James Jackson III turning the tide of his life-career to a stage name found fits for him as 50 Cents. Never dreaming that he will be a multi-platinum success Rapper later, selling eleven million records copies after being discovered as a next new talent by “the white hope” Eminem and Dr. Dre the legend. Not because just one or two good albums but the originality in style of best of Hip-Hop/Rap-Music flow’ thang to wrote the lyrics straight from the terrible problem streets facing by himself everyday even the dealers, smashers, hoes and more tricky dangerous cannot stopping 50 Cents from becoming a famous one Rapper feeling his guilt and dreams like other minorities around the US urban community or suburban hoods exampling correctly, through this great recording release – The Massacre.

The mixture of slower thumped beats and honest lyrics talking about the daily situations happening around the man as he grows, doing his thang incompletely but keep going until they’re complete; being with bad guys, good wise, broke or crowning as king to the tests in lives from birth, lust, love or romance to the party and having too much time to get wasted on lo-cash, finest hoes or weeds as they’re ultimately – shown to public legally true through these Hip-Hop parade-beats: I’m Supposed to Die Tonight, Gatman and Robbin, Outta Control, Ryder Music, Gunz Come Out, My Toy Soldier onto Piggy Bank, Candy Shop or Position of Power – giving the audience a re-start for a new level of confessions around druggy problems, women’s pussy addiction and much loyalty for your gang-bang brothers even after some gunshots hitting you and almost taking your life out ! 

The Massacre:

Grey Dawn (Black Verb Records 2017)

Due to Antagonist LP delivers in the vast massive and secret society among Cold Wave/Dark-Wave/Post-Punk base cultures through out the recent territory of Berlin to Munich before the world knows; Phillip Laufer and this five-piece consisted band members: Vinz, 7000, Schweissner and Leo dealing the experiments as well being supported by the haunting atmosphere of winter-age slow driven sounds for Shoegaze, Noise Psychedelic and power Electro-Rock that devastating to hear rather than good for the curing souls that wounded.

Revenge, eerie thoughts, bad ideas on making others whom deserved it suffers or the simplicity beats and the scary ones may protected the vanity of mankind against the entire globe when mother nature cares for more minority reports over the creatures being oppressed by the statistic of high populated and greed for taking almost everything as being sold-out, barter and conquers by the most perfect species of all – us. 

Semi-suicidal Bleib Modern’s colder music comes melancholically, sad, angry and noisy for an alternative for Pop-Synth products as replacing them within Mirror, Anxiety, Mindless and Oath desecrated the manual purity that providing money fell to be transformed into Antagonist matters of Self-Loathing and Sunless weather even when one didn’t believe about global warming as a warning !

Antagonist LP:

A Forest Grew (Self-Released 2016)

Vilnius, Lithuania crew of the musical instrument-players as guitar/vocals – Sarunas Vystartas, drum – Zygimantas Bidva, synths – Kestutis Bidva and bass – Laurynas Sakys forming themselves a good solid group baptized as Local Blood; the sorrow-tinged Ambient mixed Dark-Wave and Shoegaze believers carrying your gloomy glows of bad dreams out the environment of a safer place to be.

A Lure Of Sights is the recording that made by the band themselves and thus interesting simple design on the artworks did pretty well deserved the attachment to the music and the atmosphere caught for the album by AGNE L whilst the tracks of four released the led themes about how one was afraid to asks or admits whether Crawling Borders, Past Perfect Continuous and Total Guidance – truly remains the grey area of our imaginative impressions forming questions …

A Lure Of Sights:

Saga Deep (Bellyache Records 2016)

   Licensing over the impression towards their Progressive Rock/Synth Rock N’ Roll/Epic Space Rock Music influences as well the Electronic commands dealing heavily to providing the band’s immense status from lesser-known to a better level as more ears listening to their works in testimony experiences, available through the catalog of the group – Voyag3r. The Detroit, MI’s trio of Steve Greene, Greg Mastin and Aaron Greene as instrumentally, pronouncing themselves to be “Voyager 3” blending the vast tissues of combination membrane for Space Rock Progressive and Electro-Rock via the second album – Are You Synthetic ? that regenerating most of the high techniques property mixed with thus harmonies and clever movements while performing the intense instrumentals or music progressions among the songs like Anima Trasgressione (Seq.1), A Plan for Retaliation, Scramble All Fighters, Sinister Creation or Raise Your Shields – processing the data of the universal amounts received by humans to be sent back through the sampling edge of Pop cosmic; by consciousness waiting for a reply …

Are You Synthetic:

Assassins Sulphur (Not On Label 2014)

   From the cosmos they’re born or arrived as the musical privilege tells us an infamous Psychedelic fuzz on phase-shifts and octaves as these Dublin, Ireland crew named Wild Rocket developing the combinations of Kraut-Space Punk and gritty riffs unbearable to avoid within thus melodic via Geomagnetic Hallucinations in Doom Rock sensibility creates this such of scientific sounds too good to be true playing on your stereo system. Six tracks and lots of curving cranks or Eastern-tinged of oriental basic background stands the last building of spiritual faith on a floating giant rock where Interplanetary Vibrations, Blowholes, Don’t Ask When and Layers which comes in the in-between of four minutes more onto eight and up.

Recorded by Tommy O’Sullivan and written lyrics/music by Wild Rocket – Bres (rhythm pulses), Jon K (psychoacoustic timbre), Moose (sub octaves and communication) and Niallo (phase changes).

Geomagnetic Hallucinations:

Nero Extended (Bros Music 2005)

   Three blonde-beauties that using their nice Pop vocals, Caucasian charms and complete talents on performing their own good ability on playing musical instruments which being solidify onto this group of Estonian Pop-Metal trio of Vanilla Ninja.
   As the name maybe weird but not the music cause different from how you might misspelling these girls names; Lenna Kuurmaa (vocals/guitars), Katrin Siska (keyboards/synthesizers) and Piret Jarvis (guitars/vocals) as well as the formers such as Maarja Kivi (vocals/bass) or Triinu Kivilaan (bass, vocals) as the releasing for the third recording sessions through Blue Tattoo means that the music might be provided in sequences of the likes level of the audience from the range of The Bangles, Vixen to Within Temptations via Roxette inspired there as the track-listing wrote down and composed in arranges – delivering to us thus awesome almost semi-theatrical epic sounds and too much Pop-touches giving the band a very good recognition along the several European charts and countries loving to have the songs like I Don’t Care At All, The Coldest Night, Hellracer, Never Gotta Know, Cool Vibes, Corner of My Mind and Undercover Girl over My Puzzle of Dreams. 

One might needs a Pop sensation that sounding not cheesy but rocking like a radiant outfit for ears.

Blue Tattoo: