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Last Ship Going (Mellow Label Productions 2017)

Six-piece of your Free-Jazz ensemble and Progressive sounds musical made of Japan; Akira Minakami (keyboards), Akira Sotoyama(drums), Hiroaki Mizutani(bass guitar), Naruyoshi Kikuchisaxophone), Osamu Matsumoto (trombone) and Tsuneo Imahori (guitars) claiming their little spot over the forming of Tipographica not only looking fascinated by improvisations but as well also the combination between Jazz-Rock to Prog-Rock releasing their symphonic Avant-Garde for more amount through instrumental music.

God Says I Can’t Dance within the eight minutes more pickers on Friends; White-Collar Worker VS Black Rubber Man length until eleven minutes and twenty-four seconds; seven minutes and thirty-three seconds on Japanese Room (We Have No Zen) as well as Forest Tipographical II as the closing title. Tempo is immediate interactions here not an enchanting promise like a funny cover like they had there.

God Says I Can't Dance:

See Emily Play (Mellow Label Productions 2018)

   Compilation for the cover songs on the non-regular Prog-Rock tribute that being manage by the milanello recording label as your ultimate great recording of another Pink Floyd’s fanatic fans exclusive album release through this – Echoes of Secrets (A Pink Floyd Tribute) by various artists recommended of kinds on fifteen choices bands tackling their favorite of British’s Progressive Rock heavyweight legends and been mastered by Marco Olivotto with thus awesome front cover artworks with plenty meanings recaptures by the next new millennium generation.
  Songs of classic echoed within longer length of durations as well as the improvisations made by some fine talents and artists for re-discovering or just re-covered the tracks like Cymbaline, The Final Cut, If or Lucifer Sam; which also introducing some local bands representing the western European communion of Prog-Rock ensemble like Riccardo Lolli brought-in Shine On Your Crazy Diamond, The Pravednicks’Band on Pow R Toc H; Roz Vitalis singing her magical way via Remember A Day, Nanaue did the opening of Summer 68 for seven minutes and thirty-eight seconds whilst Lodovico Ellena ensuring their own version over Interstellar Overdrive – makes the audience feeling like mystically flying higher with the lighter and tender feathers to the stars.

Lila Madrigali or Karda Estra or Astral Weeks to giving us the greatest experience to listening and catch up Floyd’s music ensemble within pizza and pasta tasty blends.


Password Alcohol (Sub Pop 2007)

   Really the news about a new band from Seattle – Washington isn’t just a cheap hoax to some illegal fanatic whose keeping their beliefs that someday the entire army of Seattle Sounds shall coming back to reclaiming their spot and capital city back but to be honest; you don’t have to wait for any of that predictions or prophecy because almost every-day there’s always pops new bands like the story of Kinski; the four-piece deconstructed Avant-Garde Rock group that evoking the unique teaser of their parts known to be served and sharing towards the many publicity audience who likes to have Indie-Pop and Alternative Rock characters as daily flavors since the late nineties era until now. Comprised by the influential sounds like washing machine’s power surge of Tommi Iommi but more than less erupts through those experimental cargo six-strings, Sonic Youth-based atmosphere onto majestic ozone fuzz-propellers in swirling textures in between Garage Rock and Tool’s aura. The quartet of Chris Martin, Lucy Atkinson, Matthew Reid-Schwartz and Barrett Wilke delivering their instant spontaneous ideas and riffs to be mend  as blending thicker with distorting buzzing and emotion-less fear on making something new in their opinions.
For the band's Down Below It’s Chaos recording; the songs of Dayroom At Narita Int’l, Boy Was I Mad, Crybaby Blowout, Plan Steal Drive and Punching Goodbye Out Front easily reminds you about how amazing the flashback for Thurston Moore and co. used to be sounding like the first year of their career.

Down Below It's Chaos:

Go Name Say (Kill Rock Stars 2016)

   Newest Riotgirrl’s offering products whose literary could making your face turning black and blue while trying to have problems with the delicious independent and mature women crew of the group musical Summer Cannibals – playing their essential rebellious and favorable sounds of Alternative Punk Rock and Pop-Hardcore stomp-beats blasting hard and not easily can be either ignored or molested by any men. Formerly form their previous bands but featuring themselves out the step but crossing to a new direction as lead singer and guitarist babe – Jessica Bourdeaux, drummer Devin Shirley and bass player Jenny Logan soon enough already receiving their good critical from the media such of Entertainment Weekly for thus fuzzy Pop-Garage which is shaken off, not too damn difficult, sharper and tighter to listening by newbie or the reason for anyone to go down the street on a protesting for the true causes may have their opportunity on hearing this new band. Fantastic spotted level between the slower and the harder parts in mid-tempo of edgy Indie Rock as alternative to the dying infected sick Pop tunes.
These Portland, Oregon crashing the stereo and the college radio stations even tuned-in by thus Vogue executive CEO bitches for releasing Full Of It serving you the loud-frequent honesty via I Wanna Believe, Talk Over Me, The Lover, Make Up or Fallen – did a good reason of one or even two to continue or stop tasting the elegance wasted feelings as rebels or stop making Simple Life.

Full Of It:

Stop Crying Eye (Left Front Door 2016 )

   Simply calling the group themselves as The Shit and yup, these Bern, Switzerland crew of Garage Punk Psychedelic and Stoner Rock N’ Roll show comprising of members like Robert Butler (voice, guitar), Franz Hausamann (guitar/voice), Phillip Thoni (bass, voice), Pit Lee (drum-kit), Roland Bucher on live drum-kit while Christian Aregger on live guitar; hitting the road with their energy of pleasing hot on the wheel features within the screamer and song-writing collaboration and arranging catchy shout-out anthems of youth rage on acid affections being released through the six tracks record entitled – Rue Du Chocolat. 

Portraying the incredible punchy rocks and mystical woman, scared women, more sexy girls and the elements of great new millennium psychedelic arts within Asshole; Corvette Summer or Don’t Let Me Down. 

Freaking steady and ready to exploding into kinds of awesome things as we all rock the place like wild teenagers did !!!

Rue Du Chocolat:

La Mia Vita (Mellow Records 2002)

Immagine Onirica di Un Amore al Quarzo or Caligola, Messalina to Felicita and Museo perhaps, would be the proof for you if you really loves Prog-Rock music and the Italian sounds wouldn’t too weird for you to enjoy then – this Self-Titled of Ars Nova recording could rocking your world through their protectorate performances from the middle of Hollow Earth theory kingdoms turning to sounds and chosen good noise of solo-jamming or lyrics in Italo-Rock progressions.

Thanks to Luigi Peirgiovanni or Stefano to Pietro Eugeni on guitars or more drummers and keyboard players additionally keeping these 70’s Symphonic Rock-hestra hymns project sounded entertaining retro.


Rock Thrower (Bandcamp 2014)

Alex Greig and Aaron Kainula (guitars), Timo Pehkonen (drums) and Joshua Therriault (bass) decided to naming their band Android 16 which concluded pretty well relating to thus Ambient to Progressive Rock or Post-Rock instrumentals musical materials project on the record of The Language We All Want to Speak which celebrating the comeback of Spring after Winter on seven tracks available as the warmth sun shining brighter as well as the tracks like London Fair Plane Crash 1846, M.O.N.K.E.Y.B.A.R.S, I’m Conceited Just Kidding, Listen or Groove 9.2 as the spirits floating above our Sun Tree.

And yes, the music plays as manual made by humans and sounded natural ...

The Language We All Want To Speak:

Punch Drunk Janine (Sire 1995)

Step inside the dine restaurant as you can choose the perfect classic breakfast or milkshakes or something else not from this planet if available there. Smiling Monalisa fake smiles and some couple empty seats indicates that not many people comes here more often like yesterday.

But the Power-Pop quartet at The University of Maryland which decided to build their own honest/handsome band named The Greenberry Woods to establish their reputations over the good creative love songs writer and some more songs about daily themes up to eighteen as the record – Big Money Item becomes quite a big pound” album which lesser becoming hits but liking by many audience attending the Pop-tinged sing along or humming through Parachute, Super Geek, Smash-Up or Go Without You; which eventually, quite arousing some guys to cheating over another cutey girls walking closer to their lives. 

Matt Huseman and Ira Katz to Brandt Huseman and drummer Miles Rosen. Only because of the ego’s and self-inflicted problems among the members; not long after the second album released, the group’s gone, disbanded, no more. 

Big Money Item:

Hem Utopia (Relapse Records 2017)

   Sharpening the Doomster Metal influenced within thus atmospheric eerie feelings in the air-tinged noises probably, made the Shoegaze/Drone/Doom project of King Woman’s Kristina Esfandiari as the leading lady figure with her compatriots Colin Gallagher, Joey Raygoza or Peter Arensdorf  and a debut album Created in The Image of Suffering. Kristina’s voice of baritone low vocals really reminding the similarity between her and Johnnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde; remarkably – putting the essential Doomy Metal or Rock with its slower motions tempos and occult lyrics seems to be sounded deeply personal, melancholic power-play to borrowing distortions to any ears wanted for being freed from stupid music anymore but Extreme Doom Metal presence.

Deny, Shame, Hierophant or Worm are all choices in between the war of dragon and cranes inside the clouds. 

Created In The Image Of Suffering:

Human Suffering (Relapse Records 2010)

   Parading themselves within the collaborated noise and sounds through New Wave, Industrial and Goth Rock music hailing on the opening track Invisible War by Circle Of Animals – the Chicago based Techno-Rock project from Sanford Parker and Bruce Lamont and the plenty rotating drummers changing places to fill the group’s skin-basher position behind the kit. As for the releasing on the band’s serious debut album entitled Destroy The Light; Circle of Animals might creating the similarity provision products just like being under the heavy spells from Justin Broderick or monotonous Rob Zombie screaming records. 

The weird and complicated beats to the front artworks symbols didn’t quite can giving more power to those in temporary fights against all odds. No Faith, Seminal Animal to …And Together We Are Forever means trouble to controlling the upset crowds after Poison The Lamb happens.

Destroy The Light:

Last Dictator (Elektra 1995)

   Feels the crashing course of Indie Rock blasts works in progress while you got to meet these Resident Alien of a Glam Rock UK’s band – Spacehog: Antony Langdon, Johnny Cragg, Richard Steel, Royston Langdon and Timo Ellis as now moving themselves to New York City, meeting plenty of celebrities there and hang-out more often to introducing their group and the lucky debut album to the Big Apple communities.
Groovy and soulful in Rock N’ Roll Bluesy and more Rn’B flavored music mixed within the Spacehog band as well as new girlfriends for lead singer Royston “Ray Sprinkles” Langdon and bass-player giving the music achievements for themselves later on like platinum in Canada or gold in US as well being widely open to be well-known by many Indie Rock listeners. 
   Within the ID card for making yourself legal; the songs over there are also consisting of few great tracks such as Candyman, Starside, Space is The Place Never Coming Down (part I) and In The Meantime which also carried a short story about how the music and the lyrics of that song teasing Winona Ryder to getting too close to the band’s vocalist and being consumed by the music media for evidence news. 

Resident Alien:

Sally Bodies (Mother Records 1996)

   Need to be known and listen by you – especially, those Indie-Pop lovers over any British soil’s product groups like Longpigs – this five-piece rock band from UK with their terrible neo-romantic sadder themes lyrics and  longing for everlasting heart-breaks feelings even though they’ve been already moving on forward; addicting their audiences within the mid-tempo stories about the last goodbyes off She Said, Lost Myself or Far to the very best effort on how to giving radio charts and Pop media a good bait for good hits that lasted a bit longer like On & On which might forcing you to sing the simply despair amounts consisted on the song’s lyrics. 

The band members: Crispin Hunt (vocals), Richard Hawley (guitar), Simon Stafford (bass guitar), Dee Boyle (drums) or Andy Cook recording and released this first album of the group – The Sun is Often Out and little by little gaining some more attentions from the Indie Pop fans as Longpigs name begin to be recognized by the smaller parts of the worldwide Indie Rock scene genre lovers. 

If this debut wouldn’t be the last one from them then the kiss goodbye seems to be their reason on why keeping to write-down saddest tracks like these to be sold out but adding higher pile of success than drowning or fell hard. 

The Sun Is Often Out:

Con Man’s Lament (Habit OF Creation Records 2006)

   Don’t really sure whether if this Chamber-Pop/Mini Orchestra group named Edison Woods is actually, coming from Brooklyn, NY or living well in California but one thing for sure is the leader and mastermind above the band’s performance and works was formed by the female character found out inside Julia Frodahl as a performance artist, pianist and singer/song-writer.
As well as those additional musicians helping her doing the performance in many albums releases and so did pretty well on the magical and eerie and amazing musical towards Nest of Machines with David Berger (drums, guitar), Jason Dimatteo (bass) with Mike Bomwell and Johanna Cranitch as for Rubin Kodheli too.      Thus beautiful Letter to The Garden which capturing your imaginations about how amazing your backyard would becoming a whole new realm when the magic ticks and changes everything for the listeners to believing and see what the Edison Woods’ singers sees within or Baby Doll the courage wiser lyrical themed song that pray for every single fighting spirits among women to surviving the obstacles and smart for sailing these scary and uncertain lives where suddenly, disclosures of misfortunes comes uninvited just like the recording release on Nest Of Machines. 
   As the creature from the other side stumble from the swirling fog; you need to be braver for catching dreams and make things happened so that statement title like Last Night I Dreamt I Would Last Forever or Queen or Galandrina wouldn’t only becomes a cinematic orchestral of Alternative artistic of string arrangements but a Swing Swan flying farther in wrapped melodies of romantic love or bad lucks. 

Be careful with your steps, child … 

Nest Of Machines:

Calcified (Relapse Records 2012)

   The end of the last year around by predictions really fits to have the recording like The Clearing & The Final Epoch as the turning point for none other survivors including the bands themselves formed and led by Andre Foisy and Terence Hannum; Locrian must be one of thus many believer that even if the planet doesn’t collide and destroyed the moment will already change and nobody can stop the changes from happening both scientific or natural as these powerful atmospheric of Electro-Black Metal and Gothic Rock from Chicago for a decade bursting those Augury in an Evaporating Tower or Omega Vapors sounds of eerie hallucinations.

An hour of rare feelings.

The Clearing and The Final Epoch:

Water Falls Island (Not On Label 2016)


Based on the founder of the band’s background deployments as the active serving US Navy Duty by profiles, Dave Munro the singer/song-writer recorded and sent his demos to one of the friend and bandmate Casey Sullivan whom also a singer/song-writer and sooner after they met each other back in Boston; two of them begin to collaborates and making progress in music and vocals through the band project called ATC or Air Traffic Controller.
You might finding the facts surrounds these Indie Pop musicians are quite hilarious cause as the guy looks similar to some independent movie-star or a Pop rabbi; the girl with pleasant sensual great vocals actually looked a little bit similar to Anna Kendrick but the main attractions would lies down to their undeniable soft melodic Pop tunes blossoming the past and present images into a storybook teller like music which concluded on this releasing of Black Box. From the mesmerizing Phantom or People Watching the opener track onto thus Get It Over With that brings some favorable eighties New Wave beats or The House and What You Do to My Soul that almost crafting raps vocalizations and trippy Hip-Hop acts and Pop combinations or Electronic Country-Folk mixers. 

You and your darling would be so pleased for having this album playing on the car’s stereo or at home after eight o’clock. 

Black Box:

Bang Dem Credit (Epic 2015)

   Started as an independent musician, singer, song-writer, producer and occasional rapper (and) a Nantucket, Massachusetts’ born as talented new artists; Meghan Elizabeth Trainor would be most people’s favorite new career pursuing female singer in US these days because through her debut recording release – Title rose her fame higher as it went surprisingly, over a million copies and debuted at first place on Billboard 200. Most Pop-lovers would not wanted to miss the craze for hits singles like All About The Bass, Dear Future Husband or Close your Eyes and 3AM to Like I’m Gonna Lose You to Lips are Movin’. 
   As the music feels tickling by their grooves and melody whilst the blond haired and chubby sensual singer dancing crazy fun with her extra-ordinary taste for Classic Pop, Indie-Soul and Bluesy Pop Rock N’ Roll tones; hopefully that Meghan would lasted longer and hairspray-ing your world with colors and matched her looks like her fur-coat. 

For the fans of any oldies and Classical Pop girls group or solos acts that jazz.


Mob Sculpture Mars (Long Walk/N.I.C 2016)

   Echoing the darker side of how Hardcore turning its path from the resurgence type thing extreme music onto thus horrific tentative of semi-Death Rock with ten tentacles of destructive Punkish elements ready to unleashed like a monstrous beast – hunger for the mankind existence and their sins that never ever washed away since the beginning of time until the last Sunday services; these Wroclaw, Poland crew of a faster New School pledging onto slay the wealthy bollocks through sickening tracks and bashing beats like the punches or kicks inside the mosh-pit and slamming onto your front door via the performance of hatred and anger feelings since the young ages carried by the masked figure and the band members: Dawid, Igor Grudzinki, Lukasz Michulka and Maciek quartet of calling themselves simply as a club stomper as The Dog as featured these ex-members of two groups from the local scene like We Are Idols or Ass To Mouth.
   Is it going to reminds you – the front cover of their debut album called The Devil Comes At Night looks like a racist record while the track-listed already having their own force to breaking almost anything as the grinding Punk-Hardcore attacks via The Will Of Religion, The Constant Factor, Pathetic Motherfuckers, Feed The Worms with Their Guts onto Hannibal At Your Ceiling, I Am Not The Man I Think I Am and Cult Of Nothing. 

Be permanently releasing all thus powering hammered hate and fists to those whom deserving them – on an empty gravel road …

The Devil Comes At Night:

Pharmacy Queen (Independent 2016)

   Standard Power-Pop Punk and melodic rocking tissues of element that combines some of those relevant intact gutting from A.F.I and The Ataris by the same time some younger generations started to decide themselves to go back embracing Emo-Rock and little parts of religious Christian Community Music based influences with some Ska/Reggae tips variating the messages performance provided by these Boston, Massachusetts unit whom calling themselves as Cook Bag. Whiskey Teeth and Other Songs recorded literary was using not too much money or cheaper E.P project ridiculously finished by three dudes writing their Punk-Rock songs but never been kidding while thanking their affections for Ronnie James Dio’s tremendous energy.
   Whether you didn’t like any type of pizza or Slipknot or hating gauges with the reality that most people might loving to attend the Fender-Telecaster shows rather than liking The Beatles because they never went to Abby Road. Until next time from the Cook bag and enjoy their melodic rock through Mrs. Monday, Coffee and A Movie resting at the poisonous bottles to drink on Insomnia Insanity; like one who cannot leave Devil’s Kettle but hate to lose that beasty bitch Jennifer from the small haunted woods.

Whiskey Teeth and Other Songs:

Broadcasting Marblemouth (Matinee Recordings 2018)

Calling it MAPC or as the acronym for Math And Physics Club – the Indie-Pop represents the (once) as your ultimate Alternative Rock capital city of the world Seattle, Washington. Meet the trio of spiritual Folkish Pop rural-tinged atmosphere story-telling on Charles Bert (vocals, rhythm guitars), Ethan Jones (bass, keyboards) and James Werle (lead guitar) completely via their albums and for the minutes or seconds while doing the online connections; one can easily find the latest picturing of simplicity through the recording from them there – Lived Here Before.

Everything must be not threatening but Pop-Indie only as the melodies to the harmonies came in and out mesmerizing, to be quite listenable to catch as the musical performance on it also sounded as catchy as your older era of classic Pop tunes from the early sixties meet the late seventies while the exact imagining to Pop-Rock might figuring out altogether through Like Cinnamon, Dear Madeline, The Pull of The Tides, Take A Number and All The Mains Are Down from your dreamy romance to the backyard – after dark silent moment for skipping dinner quiet balancing over Past & In Between reminds us for the other version of R.E.M healthy works before the night-swimming or hurting everbody.

Lived Here Before:

Madskillz-Cheeka (Hollywood Records 2001)


   Assassinating plot on Prime Minister of Malaysia, pair of two elements from short films and the corrupted executives inside the center circle of the fashion world inspiring of the modeling realm with the main figure spotlighting on the promising but narcissistic male model story of Derek Zoolander as a dark satire plus an American type of comedy movie starring/directed by Ben Stiller with Owen Wilson, Will Farrell to the sexy Milla Jovovich as Hansel the rival model, Jacobim Mugatu – the villain character of both sarcastic stupid and dangerous on the same time (and) Katinka Ingabogovinanana.
With the rivalry of Zoolander and Hansel on the world’s catwalk shows because they’re both shining brighter nowadays; the brainwashed model to murder important top leader in order to maintaining the cheap labor child workers supplies on the third world countries but the menace plan also being investigated by an agent named Maury Ballstein as well the tarnished critics from gorgeous female journalist – Matilda Jefferies making all the reputation of male models as being selfish silly, excessively freaked and erotic strange soon making Derek to retired permanently.
   As the story goes farther to more conspiring chaotic on the runway show where the prime minister almost get the second attempts for being killed by Derek Zoolander but Hansel whom at first fighting him now combating hand in hand to fight the evil Mugatu as well saving Matilda; letting the bad mogul minds of Mugatu arrested by the authority approved by the assassinating plot related proof.      The soundtrack for this glamour film that really take a good close-up looks inside the intimate and vulgar displays among modeling as the features of a compilation within good tracks available fits the outrageous and the romantic aspects as well as the laughter scenes for the movie. 
From the great classics Top-Ten hits cover like Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s hypnotizing song of Relax; Rufus Weinwright goes for He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother, Michael Jackson’s Beat It (Moby’s Sub Mix) and Rockit by Herbie Hancock or something silly like Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go onto the new ones from hot artists and bands like No Doubt, Nikka Costa, The Wallflowers and Orgy to The Crystal Method. 

Promising that you shall laughing your ass off over this one !


Night Fever Mantra (Interscope Records 1999)

   The kidnapping of once an infamous superhero of Champion City – Captain Amazing based on Flaming Carrot Comics made onto a theatre bigger screen movie of really fun and dark comedy starring names that going to make your interest grows higher to watch how Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria and William H. Macy among their friends of super-freaks ordinary heroes club trying to save their town from the evil planning hour led by the wicked super-villain Casanova Frankenstein and his backfires crew of glam-hellish crooks like Tony P and Disco Boys with other henchmen and women – successfully, captures the (now) dandy and corrupted Captain Amazing before some of the local heroes whom trying to helping him actually, kills him by the zapper vaporizing machine made by Casanova in a basement.
   Team-building of then led coalition for Mr. Furious, The Shoveler and Blue Raja  with co. got an epiphany under the guidance of the mysterious The Sphinx – whom actually loved to repeating his own words of wisdom and make confusing all the member-teams from The Spleen, The Bowler girl, Invisible Boy even the clever inventor Dr. A Heller while the time is running out before Casanova Frankenstein with Tony C and the rest of their gang of bandits and criminals not only kidnapping Claire Forlani as Monica (Roy/Furisous babe girl) but before midnight as the taking over of Champion City The Mystery Men got to stopping every dirty crooked and dangerous plan from their evil enemies as saving the girl and the citizens by destroying the bad guys and destroying the damn machine. 
   For the soundtrack compilation of V.A Msytery Men (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) produced executively by Karyn Rachtman did pretty well to becoming the background for most of laughable scene, spoken words as conversations and facts that Electronic Rock, Pop Alternative to Rap Music and Disco Stage & Screen from the listed names artists like Smash Mouth with All Star, John Oszajca’s Back in 1999, Moloko for Indigo, Kel and The M.A.F.T Emcees asking the same important question on Who Are Those Mystery Men; Violent Femmes doing No More Heroes, The Trammps bringing their Disco Inferno beats as well as Michael Franti and Spearhead for Sometimes – finally, seeing the huge explosion did ended the reign of Casanova with the good guys winning and got their recognitions from the public and media. 

Yeah !!!


Moomba Woomba (Antifur 2016)

   Various synthesizer samplings and Electronic experiments in form of the Rave-Techno-Hardcore or Gabber music sounds blasting harder which confirmed by the taste of polluting sound-maker like (The Ghost Of) KlouKloun that might look like a dress-up clown creature but mysteriously, might giving you creeps for seeing the figure suddenly, walking closer towards you – standing on a dark alley or pedestrian side of an empty road before midnight – as nobody’s there to help but the immediate danger seems to be pops up in front of you – as the clown masked smile gruesomely; Welcome To Pripyat Pt. II must be the uncommon recording compilation for celebrating your failure marks or an evening of the creeps changed into a party for the maniacs listening and cranking a loud the tracks like Actions (featuring TrumTrump), Jongleries (featuring Skriless); I Am Dead No Saturation Matter (featuring Clipttt) and Untilded 3 (featuring OSCUB) as well as some Russian Cyrillic alphabets also written there by KlouKloun infective and irresistible to accompanied the drinking heavy hour like thus last psychotic-nite tomorrow with Le Dauphin or Putaviscious.

 Juggling dance now bitch or getting your intestine cut out !


Yantra Marylebone (FsolDigital.Com 2008)

   Not just one of the Future Sound Of London camouflaging disguise as being transforms onto Amorphous Androgynous. British consciousness flying by the wings or eternal prayers for the cosmic present mindedness and preposterous of a sweet body sensational Psychedelic sounds of music based to the Electronic and sampling natural for the environmental curing methods - whether it is cosmic or instrumentals led by Gaz Cobain and Brian Dougans; brought the mental –male ego but also the neat works between the music and the attractive musicians/bands for many more aliases to F.S.O.L to blending in together. Rock Psychedelic or seminal acoustic rhythms or the traditional Middle-Eastern sounds played on The Peppermint Tree & The Seeds of Superconsciousness like the entire planet earth once again being saved and well-nurtured by the group’s imaginative sources.
Given That We’ve Given; Somewhere At The Edge of Nowhere, Opus of The Black Sun; Rocket Fuel, Man is a Virus in Shoes through Mr. Sponge’s Groovy Oscillations recording the excessive human history to tell not being censored to educating the feelings, the sensibility, the discipline and no forgetting  - to let the Tiny Space Bird keep on exploring to the lost world constellation or died alone like a dry-out leaves of green old tree. 

Grab your senses and released the daily works of art drawing or painting the mighty sun.


Reliquary (King Deluxe2017)

   Under the radar gems made by impressive different elements from oriented-vocals to the various colorful performance beats by the drum-machine shimmying style-plethora like a large footwork while operating your umbrella as Pivovar music lawn – suits for lots of elements treating the aural measurements pointing the vast cereal dynasty in making music. 
Your delighted three-dimensions housing plan may turning to reality but in-between thus hanging garden; shiny tiles and of course, gate to the neither world always open means it’s not a good citizen honoring the greenish but leaving out the reality for some cheap tricks on Pivovar’s Home (industry).  Much roads to crossing to rome – some wise man might say to the sinner’s ears to listen further. 

The wisdom tense of help trying or the hotel cancelling them for some corporate developments. 

Eco and Render From Memory to Thrown and Home of five tracks; album holder kinds of like but lesser familiar and unknown for this type of Electro instrumentals beat-maker and tones holder on the tip of his wand called modernity technology and hobbies.


The Caravan Freeway (Legend Recordings 2011)

   By having the influences from Mark Lanegan, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley to Radiohead or The Beatles; Vavagiannis Antonis, Vasiliadis Babis, Fetsis Panagiotis, Kallimanis Christos and Solomos Nikos to Pantzari Kaiti from Anthens, Greece forming their indie band named Empty Frame to be then, becoming the most of one of thus talked-about bands around the local level sharing their Alternative Folk-Rock as the debut album release through the distorted and artistic on the soften/menacing musical performance called They Think We Are Eskimos. 

Melodies floating and flown across the inner tubular ethnic and modern collaborations of music by the rock sources made by both millennium courageous course ideas and traditional stings arrangements altogether with the deep voice vocals and led guitar of Pop-tunes intact to the core as you walk with the dog on ice. 

Go having the time of your life through the displaying over Eternity, No Borders, Take Over The City, Lullaby, Funerals For The Living; The Hangman’s Son followed by Child’s Play or Little Ghost. Sometimes you get the feelings on faster tempos or the slower beats resting from the snowy cold …

They Think We Are Eskimos: