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Zero Loyalty (Lost And Found Records 1994)

   The time was right and perfect as rage of the youth towards the internal and external of global problems occurs almost every minutes – from the smallest identity crisis, urban hoods, economy collapse to the endless conflicts around the world as well as the destruction of the environment to over-populated mixed within poverty reflecting the ultimate ferocious Old School recording for these Kassel – Germany local crew of Hardcore metallic legends - Ryker's has putting the reality and respects over those whom struggling while those filthy haves partying like animals.
   Days gone by and it’s not going to be easier to struggle to survived there on the outside realm of real not fake imitation world made by corporations and companies making millions and Forbes kept listing the most richest to themselves; no more playing but fighting the battle – kicking the front door or robbing back what’s our right there and vocalist Kid D, Chris (bass), Meff (drums) and iggy the guitarist had a chance to releasing Brother Against Brother album. 
   The war runs amok and the class battling confirmed the everlasting rebellion against the sickening system over-ruled and monopolized by some powerful ones as punches track-listing may fucking them up and your slam-dance won’t be just a blood spilling waste via Up To You, Once I Believed, Guilty, Beg To Differ, Wrong, Enough is Enough through Brothers in Arms and The Edge – crazily, bashing harder than you think and more to come as hardcore bashing the artificial life and making fair within edgy riffs and angry social lyrics !

Brother Against Brother: