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Zatracenej Zoufala (Independent 2011)

Since the late seventy-seven being formed already for the dignity of extreme Heavy Metal thrasher basher completed of Czech group – Torr the brutal competitor on the perfect matches over those preceding names like militant Thrasher tankers like Kreator or Sadus and there you have these Prague crew: Ota Heres (guitars, vocals), Radek Sladky (drums) and Honza “Bart” Bartos (bass, vocals) – a satanic trio being credited for their recording maker and releasing upon those Black/Thrash Metal into occultism/Satanism/black humour and bizarre things as being an inspirations for the lyrics and themes writings. After creating vortex records and midnight trauma career in heavy metallic musical; then – Tempus Fugit comes.
Force-fed of the thirteen tunes available for the content of blistering and explosive expanding bangs of harder solos, edgy chorus and blaster messages send to the center of your informative world within To Smrt Jsem Ja, Prokleti Zradcu, Tak Vejdi, Prosel Jsi Peklem, Cernej Den as well to Basnici Doby or Az Me Vsichni Naserou – eternally, condemning how the world of greedy human shall be punished by the higher power for what they did to each other and oneself …

Tempus Fugit: