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Yung Dactyl (Experimedia 2016)

Pat Modugno calling his own experimenting freewheeling solo jams of this united plunderphonic deconstruction beats or textured noise collages under the moniker named Khaki Blazer – a Moth Rock; the bass-basic juke-footworking noise Electro which related to the mysterious moth-man super power ability or just consuming the lights while it is a bit dark as sampler jammer expert favorites music through this second full recording of Coca Nara Deezer.

The non-elegant disturbing soft-toned anti-harmonic recording that brings experimental Electronic right to your damn face by destroying ears via stereo system. 

We got most of the disturbance instrumental sounds here from a strange to the strangest ones; Drum and Bastard, Beachball Gag, Happy Foot, Reverend Bruce, Sensei onto Baby Dax will infinitely – letting the green army of masked people bustling your hedgerow and hanged it upside down !

Coca Nara Deezer: