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Your God Dogs (Self-Released 1999)

   The intro of a moaning woman bursting for having sex freaking already shows you that the recording of Vitamin Z’s High Spending Gambler must be crazy but fortunately, this best described as a 70’s influenced style band rocking their cock-rock attitudes must be a little bit mysterious on information but luckily, within the leader like Zac Moulton leads his troops of sexual Rock N’ Roll, Funky and groovy armies; the releasing of High Spending Gambler reached to more than ten thousand copies on-line already and still the massive info about these quartet unsearchable.
With guitarist Shane Leahy, bassist Andrew Smyth and drummer Andrew Giles, the band collaborating in their music creates Whorebag, Otto Slug, Going Straight to Moving to Cronulla which sounded arousing and at the same time pretty nasty to listen by the audiences with enough age-limits where the Punkish or Pop-Thrash and Heavy Rock all colliding into one comparable music with drinking problems, free-sex or too much soft-porn violent on their lyrics written by the band themselves. Thus parental advisory label keeping the worse attraction for the public to taste this album even further for curiosity as lady liberty turning into street slut as an alternative to something dirty this way comes.