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Winter Is Coming (Bandcamp 2014)

   If you lives in San Jose and liking beers, whiskey, video games to comics and eating pudding while listening to crushing music led by the local band like Repaid In Blood with Darrell “D2” on vocals, guitarists of destructions Jake “from Repaid” and Patrick “White Light’nin” to bassist Ramey “Zoidberg” and drummer “100%” Juan celebrating their mixtures of subgenres among extremities patches beyond equalizing venue of imposing possibility came true through Born In A Lazarus Pit album releasing.
A Death-Core or Geek-Metal fusion bashing the hardest as your real favorable Death Metal melodic sounds from other heroes as these San Jose, California or Bay Area metal-scene of searing sore thorat growlers to crushing riffs and breakdowns towards interludes or mind-blowing beats of a speaker hammered on stairway to hell down below in thus glowing greenish lit as the head-banging tracks like I Call The Big One Bitey, Count Choculitis or She Used My Face as a Pregnancy Test really testing the daily conceptions of ordinary men and gluttony people who loved consuming and then, being consumed …

Born In A Lazarus Pit: