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Windtunnel (Parks And Records 2010)

The fact that someone might telling the public that they’re born in a hospital might be too darn average but Portland, OR always having some stories to tell to the Indie-Pop world out there and this time a Moby-Dick seminal progressive Pop-Indie and Folk consisting for Cory Gray, Brian Wright, Cliff Hayes and Ryan Stively fortunately, got their time for releasing another records like this – Where To Swim; a powerful honest and non-commercial groovy rocking for seminal modern Nu-Rock messages on track-listing songs available quite contrary but didn’t crossing too much borderline for being categorized as weirdy.
Great harmonies and compositions like Led Zeppelin of Indie-Rock products named Carcrashlander performing their best tunes through House Arrest, Overgrown, STS-925, Behind You in Line, Boatfull of Buckeyes as well as Yellow Car Tides correctly, original by sounds and embracing spiritual feasting for the listeners without seeing genders because that’s not important anymore; what secures you and your environments are …

Where To Swim: