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Wildwood (Alfa Matrix 2017)

   Dark-Electro cashing-in without her Goth-Rock group Lovelorn Dolls but the Industrial solo project turns fantastically, gloomy and singled-out but surviving the irresistible counterparts as the appetite for precious style and fascinating introspective world of Electro Industrial with female voice or Synth-Pop and EBM basic slower tunes of beating rhythms collectively, being recorded by the project named – Sin.Sin and there’s something more for you or everyone to dig down deeper inside. Nobody’s Heroine talks about several days in a week before mother’s day or the Mary Magdalene diary of prostitute days in a very modern futuristic and Sin.Sin creating not only boosted disturbance but also harmonies voice for some ballad tunes as well. In Silver & Gold or Dress Machine or I Am So in Love onto Blacklist (feat. Noemi Aurora) and Happy over Moving Sands (The Breath of Life folk remix) shall bringing thus abstractions mixture of being not regularly, appropriate fit for ordinary.

Nobody's Heroine: