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“Who Are You People ?” (Arista 1998)

    One of those fantastic works and ideas from our imagination-master director/writer of all-time science fiction’s awakening back since the last seventy-seven era which praising forever the name of Steven Spielberg with the whole casting stars from Richard Dryfuss, Melinda Dillon, Bob Balaban to Francois Truffaut completing the rest of the story for the blue-collar worker Roy Neary encounters with the unidentified flying object (UFO) that changes his entire lives. Many anonymous results to discovery of big questioning facts around the world since the movie begins – lost cargo of SS Cotopaxi in Gobi Desert, the squadron of the lost flight 19 TBM Avengers onto the abductions of several victims including little boy Barry as being witnessed by his own mommy Jillian.
   The great adventuring of the answers researcher by international team of scientist led by Claude Lacombe the France scientist later on finding that the rendevouz place next to those alien beings from outer space in this Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and major scale musical broadcast communication phrases might be happening near Moorcroft, Wyoming where native locals for centuries being fascinating and feared the presence of the natural igneous laccolithic butte rock monument that carried the evil presence of spiritual beings form another world known as UFO activities up on the Devils Tower. 
   Conspiracy theory and government’s cover-up made the intense escaping of Roy with Jillian to find their beloved Barry as the multiple-manual synthesizer being opening the mankind communicating to those appearing of gigantic space-craft and some little ones as the more bizarre facts to see that most of the abductees pilots and sailors and more soldiers whom being lost somewhere around the Bermuda triangle returned to that military-science base as well as Barry. 
   The finale scene where those little aliens choosing Roy to come with them on the spaceship must be the moment that most of the scientists have been waiting for answering all those questions about space travelling, alien existence, dimensions and our own origins. Futuristically - amazing, scared, brilliant and potential as those soundtrack tunes for Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (The Collector’s Edition Soundtrack) with the orchestral instrumentals in such of Navy Planes, Chasing UFOs, Forming The Mountain, TV Reveals to Trucking as well as Barnstorming releasing your wildest dreaming about the aliens life-forms and the hundred questions needed to be answered here.