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Weavers Loom (Not On Label 2014)

   Ireland’s Crust Metal or Dublin’s Punks reserved with their flavored Doomy tempos and Sludgy bashes upon the digitalized version of a heaviest metallic recording via Isaiah by the band – Twisted Mass comprising for their hometown as Steve Finnerty, Matt Bree, Karl Leavey, Aisling Meyler and Ronan Barrett as the slower tones tempo turning to an explosive attack of raging belligerent off the fast tracks and powering riffs onto thus female growl/screamo vocals whose always turning things greater included in Heavy Metal Hardcore connections.
   Meet your makers by the creations of destructive measurements over Asylum, Pulling The Thorn, Control, Woven Cell or Final year - comes stomping hard high. 

As Isaiah once spoken about his prophecies – that a child would leads them and terror music follows the rest !