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Weaverley Road (Bandcamp 2013)

   Sweetening Pop-Country and Indie Rock which adoring Folk music as the basic influences as well their daily living stories over Halifax, Nova Scotia – Canada the up-North country; please to meet these fine girl trio musicians as their harmony vocals really sounding almost touch the perfections even as newcomers right here on the group’s releasing on this softening smooth-relaxing simplicity type of music through Dark For Dark’s immaculate instant creamy-pie taste on Warboats. 
Just like Joe Cocker inspired younger sisters playing their semi-acoustic and outdoor’s themes never to judge but preserved in a good effort of trying and works well as you would loving them for what they’re really are as the memorable tracks barely, lesser known – you know that Dark For Dark music should change some parts of the world started from theirs. 
How or Why, Little Birds, Wake Me When It’s Over or Sweetwater actually, tried to adjusts the spirits of preservation effect on people to listen and do something better.