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W.B.A.T (Stickman Records 2010)

Reaching number 96 in German Rock charts as the local Norwegian for the second place for this fourteenth full-length studio releasing of Heavy Metal Fruit by Motorpsycho but there’s no guilt for sounding a bit mature and wiser here as Bent Saether (vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards), Hans Magnus Ryan (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Kenneth Kapstad (drums) drowning deeper into some kinds of mixture of Progressive Rock and free jazz figures as well as can be calling this effects Alternative Indie Rock or Psychedelic taste of Rock N’ Roll felt like you have been listening again for Steely Dan works of the newer millennium projects and yes, the course is perfectly, right.

Where number six track Gullible’s Travails (pr. I-IV) closing until twenty minutes and forty-two seconds which divided into four sub-titles from Eyes All-Seeing onto Phoot’s Flower (A Burly Return) or something from The Bomb-Proof Roll and Beyond (for Arnie Hassle) as well as X-3 (Knuckleheads in Space)/The Getaway Special whilst the harmony rocking vocals mixed within the keyboards conquering led-performing by the band trio to make this album comprising not only to confused the audience but to making the hearing room turned successfully, awesome for those whom about to Jazzy Rock and then, roll up to outer space. 

PS. Even some Foo Fighter’s fanatic fans would loved this recording !

Heavy Metal Fruit: