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Voyager Gusano (Bandcamp 2015)

   Anthem for Yuri Gagarin the first man walking to outer-space before NASA did or other correctible correlations on some extracted Space-jamming Psychedelic/Stoner/Proto-Punk Rock sounds from the Malaga – Spain crew in Sagan; really did remedies the thirst for more Sci-Fi fantasy and electric-shock stories up there – whether true or hoax in one single package of album entitled Punto Azul Palido.
Heavy groovy damn tracks and skills of both riff compositions and song written composers really catch the interest of many rock-heads to them as the nine tracks available skillful and tremendous non-human vocals musical released by the trio en Espana Javier Perez Caro (bass), Javier Luque Munoz (guitars) and Carlos Pecino Albornoz (drums) amazingly, hardest but still attaches to their Latin-Europe elements to share in awesome dance beats to Pop-cultured touch through Akira, Red Sun, Tinnitus and Interestelar. 

Even with the S.O.S signals sending while the rocket pilots panic towards the overdriven or overheated situations which no helping messages came back from lunar headquarters, still mankind first ejects into space shall be surrounded by immediate danger and risks as we know it …

Punto Azul Palido: