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Virtual Loser (Honest Don’s 1999)

   Part of The Ramones and part of Green Day would be awesomely great to crack or pranks your daily day as the starting weekend feels seemed to bore most of the lazy people from their bed and Teen Idols might be a good choice for you to waking up the entire neighborhood in time. The quartet of Pop-Punk from Nashville, Tennessee consisting of Keith Witt, Matt Yonker, Phillip Hill and Heather Tabor really coming neat within their harmonizing vocals and speeding up tempos but sounded big because it’s fun !
Through the band’s second release of Pucker Up ! all the listeners would suddenly, breaks into a happy Mosh-Pit as the record on louder on the stereo with the limitless crazy tones, three chords progressions and Pop addictions splashing like thus sexy car-wash place with girls on bikinis doing their job done and playing bubbles – listen to Skinflynt, Insanity Tea, Test Tube Teens or Her Only One to the last bonuses and let the drumming or riffs of Punk-Pop leads you to perfection road as the day turned out to be just damn fine !

Pucker Up: