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Vipers Primate (Tortuga Recordings 2000)

Meditations In B would be the first debut releasing for the career of this Noise-Rock band named Old Man Gloom; originated from Santa Fe, New Mexico then moving to Massachusetts is your Boston’s Hardcore/early Metalcore group with more experimental Doomy Sludge-basic and Post-Metal mayhem sounds like the loudest version of Rocket from The Crypt-parasite reflections on your dirty wall appearing.
The double metallic pedals of drumming to the disturbing riffs and powerful destructive music bursting out the stereo system might going to give your old granpa a heart-attack because this might sounded to be so un-american to most people with conservative minds. 
Simian Alien Technology: Message Received or Flood I onto Sonic Wave of bees and An Evening at The Gentleman’s Club for Apes or Test Result: Alien Ape Distress Signal may opening the rest of scientific sarcasm dilemma where human isn’t the top ruler of the planet because we’re also made by something smarter as the theories about our mixed-up DNA experiments equals us as modern ape’s descends today might sparkling some controversy but the album of blasting disturbance noises and themes would not. 

Spank your bitchy woman-politicians or your dumb auntie for cursing the record in your face – harder !

Meditations in B: