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Vereiste Erde (Alfa Matrix 2017)

Enters the realm of Electronic beats and shocking Goth-Rock fascinating essence where fears and glamour are the main ingredients for sexual extractions and those darker system of human wasted musical program must be the next choice of a generation whom refusing to grow weaker like the rest of thus modern commercial society may found their enlightenment path via the terror beats of Totem Obscura. The Chemnitz/Neuwied’s duo – Nadine and Pedro Engel. 

Via the name of horrific Totem Obscura these musicians truly don’t give a shit about the world media while doing their experimenting music for these Industrial/EBM sounds they’ve made. 

Nordische Feste is the clever dark eerie and terrifying themed album concept as portraying the bride of death of the western community at last as the unblessed comes to kill the lights and Electronic Industrial Pop might be the very exact ways to deal with it and no more concern but horror creeping through your spines whilst The North, Helden, Eisenmann, Warriro (Club Battle), Bluttanz, Gestandig or Wounds of Silence (Sinner Version) occurs upon your presence from the stereo system; brought the piece of the story spreading death to its listeners, suicidal stares, solitude Bastard.

Nordische Feste: