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Velvet Horns (Gilead Media 2017)

One of the most intense atmosphere ever caught on the underground excessive force of nature blistering and shaking terror in metallic musical portraits captures really tight and brutal among others but one should considered Yellow Eyes as the lot that came with nothing to lose but spreading disease and terrors among its listeners by universe.
A New Yorker Black Metal/Post-Hardcore/stained bloodshed of Slayer style and emotional Death-Core of unfortunate lies in anger revenge as await within close-harmony resonance over hallucination and melancholies as being recorded, mixed and written by the band themselves: M. Rekevics on drums, Alex DeMaria on bass guitar, Sam Skarstad (guitars) and Will Skarstad on guitars/vocals emerging patterns of pure destructive of Heavy Metal gains within Immersion Trench Reverie in which collectively, traced by the songs like Old Alpine Pang, Blue as Blue or Shrillness in The Heated Grass and Jubilat. 

If you loved the growler screaming in brute techniques of Prog-Black Metallers project – this album quite fits for you ! 

Immersion Trench Reverie: