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Valeesah Confronts (Lakeshore Records 2017)

   Kate Beckinsale is back as Selene a Death Dealer vampire as being accompanied by David the vampire hybrid son of Thomas onto such more beauties and deadly fanged women yet one cannot resisting them by the looks quite conscious like the ambitioned fierce Semira to Alexia a vampire fell in love to a lycan as well as Clementine Nicholson as Lena the nordic warrior and vampire elder’s daughter as this fifth installments of Underworld: Blood Wars (franchised) movies directed by Anna Foerster while the musical scoring composed and mixed by Michael Wandmacher; dealt with the next journey of our runaway heroine Selene on being hunted down by both vampire – for the revenge on Marcus and Viktor the elders and lycans army led by Marius wanted to have her daughter Eve’s key of what they’d call as “a missing link” that can be eternally, giving the future for both night-creatures to rule supreme but for that many shall die.
Bloodshed and bloodbath actions of slithering, bashing, kicking and biting brutal may entirely, holding up the scenes most as the half other telling you the background story about treachery, disloyalty, secrets and heroes among the hope seekers as the lycans almost wiping out the entire Eastern Coven same as what they’ve did onto Var Dohr of the Nordic Coven by building the army of vampire-werewolf hybrids as many deah dealers dies but many more surviving the battles, wounded and burnt while decapitated lycans didn’t stop others from ripping as many vampire bodies as they could. In the end Selene finally, turning back her position as one of the honorable elders of the coven while David return as king because he’s Amelia’s son after killing the evil traitor Semira and the powerful clan leader of the wolf Marius. 
The directing musical on Classic orchestration of both Goth, Folk-Rock to Symphonic instrumentals arrangements within (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for What Came Before, Clemency, The Trek, Power to She Belongs to The Sacred World as the intruder alerting via Lycans Attack or Duel of Destiny closing by Sound of Your Scream performed by Brain featuring Melissa chained you to wait for the next battles that shall never ends even when now there’s seemed to be peace …