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Unplugged Stoopid (Geffen Records 1997)

   Tragic hero fell as the raising conquered for the American Nu-Heavy Metal scene just happened; Lynn Strait and his dog – Dobbs also featured for the front cover’s album on Snot’s Get Some here got hit by a truck while they’re driving as usual days around-up town of Santa Barbara, CA.
   One can listening to them wrecking the hood and urban territory because the music acts louder, dominant but amazingly, stayed positive in their lyrics and as the last line-up for the band’s debut recording featuring Jamie Miller the drummer, John Fahnestock (bass guitar), guitarist Mike Doling and Sonny Mayo and the late Lynn Strait on lead vocals blending their West Coast style of Hardcore/Punk and Funk-Metal or later on being known to the media as Hip Metal within its distinctive rhythmic boosts there as the spirit of a dog grimly growled before barking hard; feel the excessive sonic hooks and riffs over Joy Ride, Box, 313, Deadfall, Tecato onto Mr. Brett or My Balls already painted the late nineties era with new looks of apparel stylish tempos and this group is one of those heroes …

Get Some: